Press Release: Matric Results 2024

We celebrate and give thanks for the outstanding achievements in the IEB examinations of the Penryn Class of 2018. At this major moment, we have the opportunity to reflect on and appreciate the joint contributions of our scholars, teachers and parents. Thank you One and All, for your hard work, perseverance and commitment to your academics which has paid off with an excellent set of matriculation results, which are truly worth celebrating amongst our Penryn family. The IEB Matric examinations are a significant external benchmark, both nationally and internationally recognised. The Class of 2018’s achievements are the collective indicator of academic excellence, the joining of personal goals and the high standards of the IEB. We are proud of our top achievers, who shine among the best in the country and whose results are documented individually at this time. The Class of 2018 achieved the following results:

  • Candidates : 103
  • 100% pass rate
  • 96.12% Bachelor’s degree entry rate
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Individual Scholar Achievements:

This year’s top achiever is Ashley Kellar. She achieved 9 distinctions (English Home Language, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Accounting, Mathematics, Advanced Programme Mathematics, Life Sciences, Physical Science, Computer Applications Technology and Life Orientation). She received an Outstanding Achievement Certificate for achieving within the top 5 percent of the IEB candidates, in 6 subjects or more. Ashley also achieved within the IEB’s top 1% in 5 subjects, namely Accounting, Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics, Life Sciences and Computer Applications Technology. She also achieved 99% for Mathematics, which placed her in the top 1% nationally.

We are equally as proud of the additional high-achieving scholars who achieved multiple distinctions.

They are as follows:

  • 7 distinctions: Monique Potgieter, Michaela Schormann, Wassila Ibrahim, Pauline Lloyd.
  • 6 distinctions: Annike Botha, Amy Britz, Crystal Daniel, Bethel Makoni, Jemma McKenzie, Shannon Rutherford, Nicola Stevenson.
  • 5 distinctions: Anke Puttkammer, Anita van Zyl.
  • 4 distinctions: Jamie Comins, Jade Lawton, Megan Martins and Jody Vos.
  • 3 distinctions: Jake Danilowitz, Nathan Janse van Rensburg, Kelly Thorpe, Dineo Dube, Siya Radebe

College congratulates our Matric class of 2018 for their excellent Matric results. Their diligence, together with the support of parents and teachers, has produced another year of exceptional achievements. For the 20th consecutive year all the Matric scholars of Penryn College have passed. We are justifiably proud of all our Matrics and their academic achievements in the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) Matric examinations.

We wish you all every success in your tertiary studies and look forward to hearing of your future achievements. We trust that your marks will open up opportunities where you can use and refine the valuable skills that you have learned at Penryn College.

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