UP residence application 2024 – UP accommodation application 2024

How to apply for residence at UP University of Pretoria: Accommodation and Fees

Prospective Applicants

Prospective undergraduate and postgraduate applicants may apply for accommodation together with their study application online. It is not necessary to complete an additional form. Applications for the University of Pretoria open on 01 March each year. A preferred residence of choice may be indicated on the application, but placement cannot be guaranteed.

If you want to apply for a residence after the UP study application has been submitted, you can do so online via your UP Portal.

Note: Postgraduate Applicants: Only students who are applying for a postgraduate study programme may apply for postgraduate residences. These applicants are considered once the student has been provisionally admitted for a postgraduate study programme.

Residence of choice: Students who wish to apply for a specific residence may indicate their residence of preference in the space provided on the online application. Placement at a preferred residence cannot be guaranteed as residence place is very limited.

Health Science Applications: Students applying for a study program in the Faculty of Health Science first apply for placement at the Groenkloof or Hatfield campuses. As soon as the student is admitted for such a program they will automatically be moved to a residence at the Prinshof campus, subject to the availability of place.

Renewal of placement for current residing students:

Current residing students must apply to renew their placement every year. Application is available on the UP Student Portal at the start of the second semester. You can get the information here, on page one.

Due to limited place, it is usually not possible to re-allocate all current residents placement in a residence for the following year. Please note that placement is based on academic merit.

New Senior Applications:

Registered students who have not previously resided in a residence can also apply via their UP Portal. Applications open at the start of the second semester.

Placement is not automatic and is subject to availability as the demand for residences is greater than the availability. Placements for non-residing students are also based on academic merit.


Do you need to find somewhere to live at UP?

It can be a bit challenging to find accommodation as a UP student, since things may work quite differently here than in your home country. You don’t have to worry! You can count on us for assistance.
The university can help you access a range of long and short term housing opportunities to suit different budgets. Some of your options include private rentals, student hostels, residential colleges, student apartments, and homestays.
UP’s accommodation website is a good place to access all sorts of information about accommodation options. This is your next stop when you’ve finished reading this page!
You will be able to:

  1. Explore different housing options
  2. Find long term accommodation
  3. Browse our rental database
  4. and more!

How to apply for residence at UP University of Pretoria

If you’re interested in applying for residence at the University of Pretoria, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Check if you’re eligible: Before you start your application, make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for UP’s residences. Typically, applicants need to be registered students with the university, and they must have paid their fees in full.
  2. Choose a residence: it offers several residence options, including apartments, flats, and single and double rooms. Check the UP website for a list of residences and their locations, as well as their amenities and costs.
  3. Apply online: Once you’ve chosen a residence, you can apply online by visiting the website and selecting “Residences” from the main menu. Follow the prompts to complete your application and submit any required documents, such as proof of registration and payment.
  4. Wait for a response: After submitting your application, you’ll need to wait for a response from university. Depending on the availability of space in your preferred residence, you may be offered a place immediately, or you may be placed on a waiting list.
  5. Accept the offer: If you’re offered a place in a University residence, you’ll need to accept the offer and pay any required fees or deposits. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting the offer.
  6. Move in: Once you’ve accepted the offer and paid any fees, you’ll be able to move into your UP residence. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your residence, and enjoy your new home!

NSFAS accredited accommodation for UP students

Applications must be submitted via the NSFAS website:
Your NSFAS application will not be considered if you

  • received NSFAS funding in 2023*.
  • have already completed an undergraduate degree or diploma.
  • are not a South African citizen.
  • need funding for a Short Learning Certificate or Programme or a postgraduate qualification.

*Students who have completed a higher certificate and will be starting a degree/diploma qualification in 2024 must re-apply for NSFAS funding.

2023 registration

Please visit the UP registration website for the registration dates:

  • Returning NSFAS students who were funded in 2023 but have not yet completed their qualification: Please ensure that you are temporarily registered during the registration period while waiting for NSFAS funding confirmation for the 2024 academic year.
  • Returning NSFAS students who received funding in 2023, have been declined for funding in 2024 but have appealed the decision: Please pay the minimum registration fee while you wait for the NSFAS appeal decision, if you chose to do so.
  • First-time NSFAS applicants: Please ensure that you are temporarily registered during the registration period while waiting for NSFAS funding confirmation. If your NSFAS application is declined or delayed by the time the registration period closes, you will be expected to find alternative funding before your registration will be activated.

If your NSFAS application is provisionally approved, you do not need to pay the minimum registration fee. Your registration will be automatically activated based on NSFAS funding confirmation received by UP.

2024 appeals

Appeals for new and continuing students will be open from 20 January 2024 to 20 February 2024.
All students are required to appeal directly to NSFAS via the myNSFAS portal.
Visit for appeal supporting documents.


  • All NSFAS-funded students who pay the minimum registration amount to activate their registration will be refunded.
  • A refund will only be processed once NSFAS has confirmed successful processing of registration data to UP.
  • An application for a refund is not necessary.

NSFAS bursaries (Funza Lushaka, Department of Military Veterans, and Department of Justice [TRC])

  • Students funded under these bursaries must renew their funding with their funders during their applicable application dates.
  • Students are encouraged to visit their funders’ webpages for application dates.

Funza Lushaka: Department of Military Veterans (DMV):
Department of Justice (TRC):

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