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2024 tourism skills assessment task answers: tourism skills assessment task. The assessment task and its corresponding answers are typically provided by the teacher, school, or examination board.

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It is important to study and review the course materials related to the tourism skills assessment task to ensure that you fully understand the concepts and skills being assessed. You can also consult with your teacher or classmates for additional support and guidance.

To prepare for the assessment task, you may want to do the following:

1. Review the learning outcomes: Review the learning outcomes and objectives of the assessment task to ensure that you understand what is being assessed.

2. Study the course materials: Study the course materials, including textbooks, notes, and online resources, to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the relevant concepts and skills.

3. Practice with sample questions: Practice with sample questions or past exam papers to get a sense of the types of questions you may encounter on the assessment task.

4. Seek feedback: Seek feedback from your teacher or classmates on your understanding of the course materials and your performance on practice questions.

5. Manage your time: Manage your time effectively to ensure that you have enough time to complete the assessment task and review your work before submitting it.

By following these tips and putting in the necessary effort and preparation, you can increase your chances of success on the tourism skills assessment task.


Gr11 Task 1: Tourism Skills Assessment Task 2021 


Tourism Sectors: The Gautrain 


  • This task will assess content knowledge and the application thereof with reference to  the Gautrain. 
  • The following skills will be developed and assessed: 

Creativity and logical thinking in the designing of a pamphlet. Map interpretation skills of OR Tambo International airport and Gautrain  maps. 

Route planning skills within the airport and using of the Gautrain. Communication and writing skills in developing a dialogue. 

Critical thinking skills in determining entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Tourism CAPS reference, p. 24: 

Tourism Sectors – The Gautrain: 

  • Interesting features such as exterior and interior appearance, security, speed. Gautrain technology such as ticketing procedures, electronic boarding procedures, electronic arrival and departure announcements. 
  • Routes, parking facilities and bus service linked to the Gautrain. Benefits for the tourism industry. 
  • Include any new developments. 

Gr 11 Tourism National Recovery ATP reference: 

Term 1 Week 8 

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Grade 11 Term 1: 2021 Total: 50 marks 

___________________________________________________________________ THGAUTRAIN TRAIN SERVICE 


Refer to Addenda A and B to answer this question. 

Design an information pamphlet for first time users of the Gautrain. Your  pamphlet should guide the passenger about the steps to follow in order to use  the train service on arrival and departure from a station. 

The information pamphlet must meet the criteria below: 

  • An A4 sized paper is used for the design of the pamphlet. (1) A suitable title appears on the pamphlet. (1) Five pictures from addendum B are neatly cut out and pasted. (2) The five pictures are arranged in the correct order. (5) A suitable written explanation appears with each picture. (5) Creativity in the layout of the design is displayed. (1) [15] 

Study the information and maps below and answer the questions that follow.

A business tourist travels from Cape Town to Johannesburg to attend a four-day  conference in Centurion. His flight lands at OR Tambo International Airport. The Eco  Park Lodge in Centurion arranged for a shuttle to pick him up from the Gautrain station  closest to the hotel.
MAP 1: OR Tambo International Airport map showing the terminal buildings

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MAP 2: OR Tambo International Airport showing the layout of Level 0
MAP 3: OR Tambo International Airport showing the layout of Level 1

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MAP 4: OR Tambo International Airport showing the layout of Level 2
MAP 5: Gautrain route map with stations

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Using maps 1 to 4, determine the best route for the business tourist to  follow on his arrival at OR Tambo International Airport for him to reach the  Gautrain station inside the airport.  E.g. 

Step 1: Enter the domestic arrivals hall in the domestic terminal at OR  Tambo International Airport.

Use template TOUR01 to describe each step of the route to be followed. 

The route description must meet the following criteria: 

  • Demonstrates logical route planning 
  • Demonstrates an ability to apply logical route planning 


Using map 5, determine the route the Gautrain will follow from the OR  Tambo International Airport Gautrain station to the station where the  business tourist will find the hotel shuttle. Include the transfer station in your  route plan. 

Use template TOUR02 to explain each stage of the Gautrain route. 

The explanation must meet the following criteria: 

  • Demonstrates interpretation of the route 
  • Includes reference to the transfer station that will form part of the route Demonstrates application of logical route planning (10) [20] 

Read the information and answer the question. 

Gautrain rules have been implemented to ensure that the Gautrain System,  including trains, stations and buses are maintained to the very highest  international standards of safety, cleanliness and efficiency. Breaking the rules and regulations could result in a fine or arrest. 

Here are THREE of these rules: 

Eating, chewing gum and drinking is not permitted. 

No littering is permitted. 

The entire Gautrain system is a non-smoking area. 

However, if passengers are fined for violating any of the rules, they may complete  and submit a form to appeal against the fine.

Using template TOUR03, create a dialogue between a Gautrain security official  and a passenger that violated (broke) the Gauteng rules at a station. 

The dialogue must meet the criteria below: 

  • Each of the speech bubbles in frames 1 to 4 must be utilised. (4) The dialogue in each speech bubble relates to the violation that took place and the consequences thereof. (8) [12]

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Gautrain makes a direct and indirect economic contribution to township economies  via the provision of employment and the stimulation of new commercial  developments around stations. The Gautrain Management Agency also spends  money with township businesses through its supply chain. Alexandra is one of Gauteng’s most  

prominent townships. Sandton is easily  

accessible to residents of Alexandra  

due to the recent construction of the  

Grayston Drive pedestrian and cycle  

footbridge. Marlboro is also easily  


Commercial floorspace around Sandton and Marlboro stations has grown by  +506,000m2 since 2012. This additional space supports 18,400 jobs, a proportion  of which is taken by people from Alexandra.  

The increase in footfall (the number of people) has also led to the development of  a successful informal economy close to the stations.

Suggest THREE types of informal businesses that members of the Alexandra  community could start to offer goods or services to users of the Gautrain network in  the vicinity of the Gautrain stations. [3] 


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Note: Each learner must receive his/her own copy of the assessment instrument. Name of School: Date: Name of Learner: Grade 11:  

Name of Teacher: Mark:

Criteria  1 – 5  6 – 10  11 – 15  M
Design an  information  

pamphlet for  first time  

users of the  


Did not  attempt to  

design an  

information  pamphlet.

An A4 sized paper was  used.  An unsuitable title 


ONE to TWO neatly cut  out pictures, each with  a suitable explanation  is given.  

The order of the  

pictures is incorrect. 

Limited creativity is  evident.

An A4 sized paper was  used.  A suitable title 



neatly cut out pictures, each with a suitable  

explanation is given. 

The order of the  

pictures is satisfactory. A measure of creativity  is evident.

An A4 sized paper was  used. Choice of title is good. FIVE neatly cut out  pictures, each with a  

suitable explanation is  given. 

The order of the  

pictures is correct. 

The design of the  

pamphlet is very  


Question 2.1 (10 marks)
Criteria  1 – 4  5 – 7  8 – 10  M
Describe the route the tourist must follow at  

OR Tambo  



Unable to  give a description  of the route the 

tourist should 


The steps given  demonstrate  limited evidence  

of route planning. The steps given  demonstrate a 

limited ability to  

apply logical route  planning.

The steps given  demonstrate  satisfactory  

evidence of route  planning. 

The steps given  demonstrate a  


ability to apply  

logical route  


The steps given  demonstrate  above average  

evidence of route  planning. 

The steps given  demonstrate an  

above average  

ability to apply  

logical route  


Question 2.2 (10 marks)
Criteria  1 – 4  5 – 7  8 – 10  M
Explain each  stage of the  Gautrain  


Unable to give a  

description of  the stages of  

the Gautrain  


The explanation  given demonstrates limited ability to 

interpret the route. 

The explanation  

given includes no or  limited reference to  the transfer station  

that will form part of  the route. 

The explanation  

given demonstrates  limited application  

of logical route  


The explanation  given demonstrates  satisfactory ability to  interpret the route. 

The explanation  

given includes satis factory reference to  the transfer station  

that will form part of  the route.  

The explanation  

given demonstrates  satisfactory applica tion of logical route  


The explanation  given demonstrates  an above average  

ability to interpret the  route. 

The explanation  

given includes above  average reference to  the transfer station  

that will form part of  the route.  

The explanation  

given demonstrates  an above average  

application of logical  route planning.

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Criteria  1 – 4  5 – 8  9 – 12  M
Create a dialogue  between a  Gautrain security  official and a  

passenger that  

violated (broke)  

the Gauteng rules  at a station.

Did not attempt  to write the  dialogue. ONE to THREE of  the speech bub bles were utilised.  Vague or little ref erence to the vio 

lation that took  

place and the con 



FOUR to SEVEN  of the speech bub bles were utilised. Adequate refer 

ence to the viola 

tion that took place  and the conse 

quences thereof.

All EIGHT speech  bubbles were uti lised. 

Average to excel lent reference to  

the violation that  

took place and the  consequences  




Criteria  M
Suggest THREE types of  informal businesses that  members of the Alexandra  community could start to  offer goods or services to  users of the Gautrain  network in the vicinity of the  Gautrain stations. Unable to  mention any  



ONE relevant informal busines  is mentioned. TWO relevant informal  

businesses are  mentioned.

THREE relevant informal  businesses are  mentioned.


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Where can I purchase a Gautrain Card? 

Visit your nearest Gautrain Station to purchase your Gautrain Card. Gautrain Cards may be  purchased at a self-help Ticket Vending Machine or at a station Ticket Office at a cost of R18. 

What are the train schedules? 

Trains depart at 10-minute intervals during peak times and at 20-minute intervals during off-peak  times. On weekends and Public Holidays trains depart at 30-minute intervals. Scheduled departure  times may also be accessed by downloading the Gautrain app, free of charge. 

What services does the Gautrain offer? 

Gautrain currently offers two distinct train services: An Airport Service linking Sandton and Marlboro  to the OR Tambo International Airport and a Commuter Service linking Rhodesfield, Marlboro, and  Sandton (east-west link) and Park, Rosebank, Sandton, Midrand, Centurion, Pretoria Central and  Hatfield (north-south link) 

Gautrain train service operates across Johannesburg, City of Tshwane and Ekurhuleni and also  connects to the OR Tambo International Airport. 

Gautrain bus service offers over twenty bus routes that provide safe and efficient access to our train  stations. 

Parking and drop-off facilities are available at all stations except for the OR Tambo International  Airport Station. 

How are Gautrain Fares calculated? 

Gautrain fares are calculated according to your time of travel and the route travelled. These times  are divided as follows: 

  • Peak are applied when you access the Gautrain system between 06h00 and 08h30 between  15h30 and 18h00 on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holidays. Off-Peak fares are applied when you access the Gautrain system before 06h00, between 08h30  and 15h30 or after 18h00 on weekdays. 

How do the Gautrain schedules work? 

The Gautrain’s bus and train services operate daily between 05h05am and 8:30pm. Scheduled  departures may be accessed using the Gautrain app, at any Gautrain station. The train schedule  differs in peak and off-peak periods as follows: 

  • During Peak Periods trains depart at 10-minute intervals. 
  • During the Off-Peak period trains depart at 20-minute intervals. 
  • On weekends and public holidays, trains depart at 30-minute intervals. 

Gautrain buses depart from stations and end stops at scheduled times. Whilst every effort is made  to ensure that this service operates to schedule, the Gautrain buses make use of public roads and  may be delayed during road incidents and traffic congestion.  

How do I use the Gautrain services? 

To access the Gautrain train or bus service, each passenger is required to possess a Gautrain Card  with a minimum value of R30 loaded onto it or to possess their own Contactless bank card. Gautrain  Cards may be re-used by simply loading value as and when needed. The same Gautrain Card or  Contactless bank card must be used to tag into and out of the stations, bus and parking. This will 

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ensure that any applicable discounts are automatically calculated and deducted from your fare.  Failure to tag out of the service may result in a penalty fee being applied. 

Gautrain Cards may be purchased at any Gautrain station using either the Ticket Vending Machines  (TVM) or the Ticket Office. The TVMs are similar to the ATM bank terminal and accepts cash and  bank cards. Gautrain Cards may also be purchased from vending machines conveniently located  along certain Gautrain bus routes.  

How do I use the train service? 

Trains are only accessible by tagging in at a Gautrain station using a Gautrain Card or a Contactless  bank card. Each passenger is required to have their own Gautrain Card with a minimum value of  R30 loaded onto it or to possess their own Contactless bank card. 

Touch the Card to the ticket reader on the fare gate. A green light and a beep will indicate validation  and the glass barrier will open. 

Only one person may pass through the fare gate at a time. If a Gautrain Card is not correctly  presented on entry, access will not register and exit from the service will not be permitted. 

The glass barrier gates will close if tag in is not correctly authorised, so listen out for the beep. You may view train arrival times on the electronic displays located along the platform. 

To ensure your safety on the platform, stand back from the platform edge. 

Once you have arrived at your destination station, please proceed to the exit gates and be sure to  tag out with the same card that you tagged in with. If you fail to tag out, your train journey will not  be registered and standard parking fares will apply. This may also attract a penalty fee. 

How much money should I load onto my Gautrain Card? 

Passengers are required to have a minimum of R30 value loaded onto their Gautrain Card in order  to access Gautrain services. Our mobile app includes a handy fare calculator that will help you to  determine the cost of your journey, including bus and parking fares. Fare information is also  available at any Gautrain Station. Passengers may load value onto their Gautrain Card using our  self-help Ticket Vending Machines, online, via our mobile app, or at a Ticket office in station. 

When do Gautrain penalty fees apply? 

A penalty fee is applied when any of the Gautrain rules are contravened. The Gautrain rules help  to ensure that all passengers enjoy a safe and clean environment. Gautrain system rules are  available at all stations.  

Why can I not eat or drink on the Gautrain system? 

This rule is enforced in order to ensure that all passengers are able to enjoy a clean and hygienic  environment whilst using our services.  

Adapted from

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Template for Question 2.1 (TOUR01) 

Grade 11: _____________ 

Name of learner: __________________________________________________ 

NOTE: Although space has been given for a maximum number of SIX steps (including Step 1  which has been given), there is no prescribed number of steps. Use your own initiative in  determining the number of steps that are required in your route.

Steps  Description
Step 1:  Enter the domestic arrivals hall in the domestic terminal at OR Tambo Inter national Airport.
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5:
Step 6:

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Template for Question 2.2 (TOUR02) 

Grade 11: _____________ 

Name of learner: __________________________________________________

Stages  of the  


Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:

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Template for Question 3 (TOUR03) 

Grade 11: _____________ 

Name of learner: __________________________________________________ 



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Template for Question 3 (TOUR03) 



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