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Many candidates that wrote the previous Waec may/june exam who didn’t believe us when Mr Onuwa was preaching subscribe to examplaza where making A’s and B’s are guaranteed they refused then (3709), some of them are returning back now for Waec gce telling me that (3709), the must subscribe to secure good grades in their key subjects (3709), (3709) please is better to learn from others mistakes than learning from your mistakes. Take corrections and avoid had I know (3709).

For all my partners (3709), who trusted me before knowing me (3709), I am grateful and honoured (3709) (3709), as I always promise (3709), I will not and cannot fail you all (3709).

I wish to warn those candidates or doubting machines to avoid us as much as they can (3709), Mr Onuwa does not condole free answers or play of any kind. (3709) Secondly (3709), if this article is not meant for your use (3709), kindly scroll over it. Thank you for your understanding (3709).

Here are some mock exam questions for SS2:

What is WAEC First (1st) Series Exam (3709)

Waec GCE ExpoWAEC GCE (3709) Exam is an external exam introduced by WAEC exam body for working class candidates or those who failed WAEC previously and wish to rewrite the exam again. (3709) The West African Examination Council (3709), WAEC introduced two categories of GCE or WAEC for Private Candidates (3709), namely : WAEC GCE January/February or WAEC 1st Series mostly written around January and February and WAEC GCE August/September (WAEC 2nd Series) formerly GCE November/December always written between August and September period. SS2 MOCK QUESTION AND ANSWER 2022 WAEC GCE Expo 2022 is also known as WAEC GCE runs which can be explained as an alternative or medium employed to help candidates achieve an excellent results. Mr. Onuwa WAEC GCE Assistance is the best (3709).

(3709) As you begin your registration start at point to think and prepare for your success ahead of the exam. examplaza is always there for your good grades like A’s and B’s. It will take you something more of little sacrifice. We represent our name (3709), we send Onuwa questions and answers to our dear subscribers (3709).

Thirty-Six subjects will be available for the examination. They include:

1) General Mathematics (3709)
2) Further Mathematics (3709)
3) English Language (3709)
4) Literature-in-English (3709)
5) Hausa (3709)
6) Igbo (3709)
7) Yoruba (3709)
8) Biology (3709)
9) Chemistry (3709)
10) Physics (3709)
11) Agricultural Science (3709)
12) Government (3709)
13) Economics (3709)
14) Geography (3709)
15) Civic Education (3709)
16) Christian Religious Studies (3709)
17) Islamic Studies (3709)
18) Financial Accounting (3709)
19) Commerce (3709)


1) Biology (3709)
2) Chemistry (3709)
3) Physics
4) Agricultural Science (3709)
5) Geography (3709)

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