Top 10 Best Business Card Readers & Scanners for Your Contacts

Business card scanner applications mainly function to scan your business cards and store their data on your mobile. Give a read to this context and explore the few best business card readers plus scanner that lets you organize your paper business card contacts and store them into digital files for free.  

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Remember that a business card organizer assists you to save time and improve the data quality. You always have to seek an app that accurately recognizes and extracts the information from business cards, badges, or any paper cards with the assistance of advanced OCR. Luckily, you can start using a free business card scanner, reader, and organizer-by-card scanner that lets you keep your business cards into digital files without any formatting disruption.



ScanBizCards using an advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process for scanning business cards and conference badges. In addition to that, it assists you to capture the contacts at events. 



  • It is packed with proper CRM integrations
  • Functions to export multiple contacts
  • Lets you proceed with scanned business cards and conference badges
  • Works for synchronizing address book

CamCard Free – Business Card Reader:

CamCard is referred to as a best card scanner app through which users can scan and store their business cards. This is one of the easy to navigate apps that functions to manage and exchange business cards.



  • Lets you exchange the e-cards with people (nearby)
  • Functions for adding notes as well as reminders to contacts
  • Assists for enriching your profile to reveal
  • It helps you to enrich your profile to tell people more about yourself.
  • It allows you to navigate to contact addresses in Map.


HubSpot Business Card Scanner:

Get this business card organizer as well as a scanner for transforming your paper cards into CRM contacts. It only requires a couple of taps for creating and enriching contacts swiftly.



  • Allow you to scan smartly over time with the assistance of machine learning
  • Creates as well as enrich the contacts within matter of seconds
  • Lets you proceed business card scanning on both iOS & Android devices



Scanner SDK is referred to as the best source that lets you capture the documents in a standard web browser by using the camera of the device. The most auspicious parameter about this platform is that it lets you proceed with automatic edge detection and scanning. 



  • It not only assists you to scan PDF files, but also JPG images with 200 dpi and higher
  • Use ScanPro that lets you view your documents and a fax
  • Just make a single tap to email and process the print workflows
  • Functions for scanning both single and multi-page documents


Eight: Visiting card scanner & digital cardholder:

This is a well-known expert choice business card scanner and even the Pro choice networking platform. This is one of the easiest, reliable and free ways to scan your business cards with zero hassle. 



  • Functions to make scanning for business or paper cards using both OCR and human transcription
  • Super-fast way to manage contacts and even lets you stay linked conveniently 
  • Users can make a couple of taps to sync their networks on their devices
  • Data fully updated automatically if the connected contacts will change the details on their business card app


Google Lens:


Google lens is the perfect utility that works to search what you see, it lets you make OCR scanning swiftly. Although it is not a particular business card reader or scanner, it still lets you scan and save a business visiting card to your contacts. Also, referred to as the best source for adding events to your calendar from a poster. 



  • Extract and make a copy of the text from the Real World
  • Add business contacts with a single go
  • Instant way to scan businesses by scanning visiting cards feature
  • Best source to copy & paste the complicated codes or long paragraphs into your device without any huge manual intervention
  • Swift way to scan URLs from computer for opening in Mobile


Office Lens:

Start using this application that allows you to enhance, trims, and takes pictures of whiteboards and docs readable for certain convenience. No huge manual intervention takes place, even a couple of taps lets you turn images to PDF, Word, and PPT files. 



A single-go solution for saving images to OneNote or OneDrive

You can digitize your notes from whiteboards or blackboards

Functions for sharing your meeting notes

Lets you create digital copies of your existing printed documents and business cards

Automate the process to recognizing printed and handwritten text


Business Card Scanner & Organizer– Free Card Reader:

Get this scanner app for your business cards that allow you to make scanning and organizing business cards information on iOS & Android devices. It uses a full-fledged OCR (AI) based program to make extraction from paper cards. In addition to that, if you turn your paper business cards images into text files, then visit the online converter that offers free image text extraction. 



  • Swift tool to scan QR code and extract the entire information from business cards
  • Use Google account to proceed with auto sync of contacts
  • Just couple of taps lets you to export business contacts to CSV or outlook contacts



iCapture is the patent source that lets you accelerate your leads into your significant tech stack for legit purposes. You can now connect leads with our existing workflows with the assistance of this app. 



  • Offers automated lead processes and certain events with advanced technology
  • Connect leads at a great extent of level
  • Lets you process with integration with all patent CRM as well as marketing automation software


Contact Plus:

This is an ultimate contact management application for teams, experts, and small businesses. It is one of the convenient sources for managing your relationships. Also, it lets your phone contacts in-sync with mobile applications. 



  • Functions tremendously to approve updates and swiftly merge duplicates
  • Best ways to scan the business card into your existing address book
  • Manage your contact with a single-tap

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