4 Important Things to Know about Water Pressure Regulators

Water flowing with high pressure can do a lot of damage to your plumbing system and appliances. In this regard, an electronic water pressure regulator is a handy tool because it ensures the safe regulation of water at an adequate pressure. It prevents the damage that high pressure can cause to your faucets, plumbing systems and appliances. 

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Have a look at the following points to know more about water pressure regulators:

The pressure Regulator Should Lie at the Main Water Line:

To control the water pressure in all the areas of the home an electronic pressure regulator must be installed in the main water line. It must be available after the shut-off valve to operate efficiently. In this way, whenever you see that the pressure regulator is malfunctioning you can easily shut off the main supply of water and can perform the necessary repairs without wasting water. 

Empower the User to Control The Pressure:

An electronic water pressure regulator does not come with a fixed setting of pressure. It requires the user to adjust the pressure settings according to the need of the process, system or application. An electronic regulator is pre-set at 50 Psi and if it does not fulfil your need you can easily change this value. Many pressure regulators do not show their pressure setting and their accurate installation requires the user to use pressure gauges so that the correct pressure setting can be done according to the need. 

Keeps Water Appliances Safe:

A digital pressure regulator is a very beneficial device for homes. As it keeps the water pressure low than the safe limit and enhances the life span of the whole plumbing system. It’s crucial to install a pressure regulator at home even when the pressure gauges show that the pressure remains low than the safe limit. Because the pressure of the municipal water supply can rise at any time and this pressure increase can put a high stress on the whole plumbing system. 


When the system often has to deal with the high pressure then it starts becoming weak day by day. Resultantly, the pipeline starts leaking or it can also burst which will cost a greater loss. Because of this electronic water pressure regulator is compulsorily used in homes, offices and the industrial sector. 

Malfunctioning of Pressure Regulators:

In general, a pressure regulator has a long lifespan but if not properly maintained then this period gets shorter. During its lifespan pressure regulators has to bear a high stain that affects its internal components and makes it weaken over time. Keep in mind when a pressure regulator starts failing, it shows signs that indicate malfunctioning and notifies the user to do the necessary repairs before it’s too late. 


Whenever an electronic pressure control will start failing you will see a sudden change in the pressure of the water. In this case, you must get the assistance of a professional and try to solve the problem by performing the necessary repairs or by installing a new digital water flow regulator before it becomes the reason for a great loss. 

Final Words:

In cities, high water pressure is a necessity for fire hydrants and for other purposes. That’s why it’s common to have variable water pressure at homes, and commercial buildings. But an electronic water pressure regulator helps to conveniently control the pressure and remove all the fluctuations. 

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