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Majina ya sensa 2022 pdf download: Tamisemi sensa 2022 – Majina ya sensa It is a special system established by the federal government of the union of Tanzania which is used to calculate population and housing as well as to identify independent and non-independent people; for. Through this process the government benefits by obtaining various information for its citizens to implement in Tanzania’s development policy, usually in Tanzania census is held Every 10 years, the last time the census was conducted was in 2012 majina ya waliochaguliwa sensa 2022.

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Six hundred thousand people applied for jobs in the 2022 population and housing census. Census Commissioner Anna Makinda said the number of applicants who applied for jobs for the census exercise was 674,484 people who applied.



In addition, among the people who applied for all the jobs, the people who have completed all the application procedures are 575,672 people.

After the job application exercise what follows now is the process of filtering and naming the people who will be involved in the population and housing census exercise.

Census Pro Commissioner Anna Makinda said after the names were announced, the next step is to Interview those who will be selected for the exercise.
“There will be a little interview because filling in the IT you can ask someone to fill it in. Do we really want to see if he can really fit in that exercise that will last about 10 days”

In addition, Anna Makinda said that those who will do the Interview, they will enter into a study agreement for 21 days

Majina ya sensa 2022 pdf download

How to check names of Selected for Sensa jobs 2022 (Majina Waliochaguliwa Sensa 2022 PDF)

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How to Check Majina Call For Interview Ajira Za Sensa 2022 6

Names of employees will be announced online from July 24th to 25th July. The following below is helpful guide to check Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Sensa 2022 PDF;–

  • Go to your internet support device
  • Make sure you have internet access
  • Then visit official website link
  • After page open you will go to latest news widget then search for “majina ya waliochaguliwa sensa 2022 PDF
  • After seen announcement open it to download attached PDF file.
  • Then go to your download files in your device and search for downloaded PDF file to open it, make sure you have PDF reader applications like Microsoft Office, WPS, Google Driver and other more.
  • Thus, after opening it search for your names (Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Sensa 2022 PDF Download)

Majina ya sensa 2022 pdf download – Majina ya waliochaguliwa sensa 2022

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Nafasi za kazi ya sensa 2022 – Currently the census preparation has reached the following stages;

  1. Prepare a Strategy for the Management and Implementation of the Population and Housing Census for the Year 2022;
  2. Allocation of Areas in 5 districts of Pwani region which are Bahi, Chamwino, Kondoa, and Chemba; and one Pwani Regional District (Pwani Urban);
  3. The process of allocating census sites is underway in Pwani region in Manyoni district, Ikungi; and Pwani region in Mpwapwa and Kongwa districts.
  4. Conducting one study tour in Kenya with funding from UNFPA who have recently conducted a digital census and learned the use of modern technology in conducting successful censuses. The use of this technology will help to reduce the cost of conducting a census and reduce the time to issue census results.
  5. Prepare a draft Census Questionnaire and other important documents such as instructional guidelines, guidelines for census clerks, guidelines for census supervisors and guidelines for regional and district census coordinators.

Census Questionnaires

The 2022 census like the previous censuses will use two main types of questionnaires. A long questionnaire that will be used to interview 30% of all census sites and a short questionnaire that will be used to interview 70% of all census sites.

Other questionnaires are: –

  • Institutional Questionnaire which is specifically for travelers, hotel / guest accommodation, and hospitalization; and
  • A Homeless Homepage Questionnaire which is specific to all people sleeping in informal settlements, in various building councils, bridges and other areas

The most important things to have in a census job application in are;

  • You need to have your NIDA number
  • Have a Form Four certificate
  • Have a birth certificate
  • Passport

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