Life Sciences Grade 12 Paper 2 Essential Revision Notes pdf download

What topics are in Life Science Paper 2?

Life Sciences paper 2 covers DNA, Meiosis, Genetics and Inheritance, as well as Evolution. Like the first paper, you also get 2 and half hours to complete it.

Life Sciences Grade 12 Essential Notes pdf download

We have made a collection of notes for Grade 12 Life Sciences to help learners on the following topics: DNA Code of Life and Meiosis, Life Sciences: Evolution, Genetics and Inheritance, Reproduction and Endocrine System and Homeostasis, and Responding to the Environment. You can download the notes in pdf format. The notes were compiled by the Eastern Cape Department of Education.

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Tips to Pass my Life Sciences Exams

Worried about passing your final Life Sciences exams? We have got you covered with these tips and tricks. Use them as a guideline to help you ace those exams with ease!

Make a List of Topics you Need to Cover – Life Sciences consists of a wide range of topics. Make a list and tick each topic off as you go along so you don’t miss anything.

Assign Certain Topics to Focus on Each day – Dedicate specific days to work on certain topics. Deal with the more difficult topics first, before you revise the easier ones.

Use Flashcards for Definitions – Flashcards are ideal for life sciences terms and concepts. Writing out definitions can also help you remember information better.

Practice on Past Question Papers – Go through old question papers and familiarize yourself with the test format. It will help prepare you so you know what to expect.

Use Sketches and Labels – Many concepts in Life Sciences are easier to remember if you draw a picture. Make your own sketches and use labels to identify key parts.

Life Sciences: DNA Code of Life and Meiosis

Life Sciences: Evolution Notes

Life Sciences: Genetics and Inheritance Notes

Life Sciences: Reproduction and Endocrine System and Homeostasis Notes

Life Sciences: Responding to the Environment Notes

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