In this post or article of Grade 12 tourism you have a chance to download pdf of exam papers and memos.

About Grade 12 tourism

Here you will find Past Year Exam Papers and Memos ranging from Year 2023 to Year 2009.

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We have a vast collection of NSC and Common Test Papers from National, Western Cape (WC), Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN), Gauteng (GP), Eastern Cape (EC), Mpumalanga (MP), North West (NW) and Free State (FS).

Tourism Question Paper 1, as well the Memorandum can easily be found on this page and We have it grouped by Year and Exam Month.

View or Download all the available content. You are welcome to share this Website with your school colleagues.

How to download Grade 12 tourism exam papers and memos

To download the Grade 12 tourism exam papers and memos, you to visit the year and month of appropriate paper and memo you want (need) so that you can get exactly answers, these years and month are mentioned below:


Tourism NSC QP Nov 2022 – EngTourism NSC Memo Nov 2022 – EngTourism NSC QP Nov 2022 – Afr


Tourism NSC QP Sept 2022 – EngTourism NSC Memo Sept 2022 – EngTourism NSC QP Sept 2022 – AfrTourism NSC Memo Sept 2022 – AfrTourism NSC QP Sept 2022 – Eng (Gauteng)Tourism NSC MG Sept 2022 – Eng (Gauteng)Tourism NSC QP Sept 2022 – Afr (Gauteng)

2022: MAY – JUNE

Tourism May-June 2022 EngTourism May-June 2022 MG EngTourism May-June 2022 AfrTourism May-June 2022 MG Afr


Tourism Nov 2021 EngTourism Nov 2021 MG EngTourism Nov 2021 AfrTourism Nov 2021 MG Afr


Tourism NSC QP Sept 2021 – EngTourism NSC Memo Sept 2021 – EngTourism NSC QP Sept 2021 – AfrTourism NSC Memo Sept 2021 – Afr

2021: MAY – JUNE

Tourism NSC May-June 2021 EngTourism NSC May-June 2021 MG EngTourism NSC May-June 2021 AfrTourism NSC May-June 2021 MG Afr


Tourism Nov 2020 EngTourism Nov 2020 Memo EngTourism Nov 2020 AfrTourism Nov 2020 Memo Afr


Tourism QP Sept 2020 EngTourism Memo Sept 2020 EngTourism QP Sept 2020 AfrTourism Memo Sept 2020 Afr


Tourism Nov 2019 EngTourism Nov 2019 Memo EngTourism Nov 2019 AfrTourism Nov 2019 Memo Afr

2019: MAY – JUNE

Tourism May-June 2019 EngTourism May-June 2019 Memo EngTourism May-June 2019 AfrTourism May-June 2019 Memo Afr


Tourism Nov 2018 EngTourism Nov 2018 FINAL Memo EngTourism Nov 2018 AfrTourism Nov 2018 FINAL Memo Afr

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