South African Sign Language HL P1

To support learners with special needs, the DBE has requested Schools for the Deaf to host the Spring School Programme at their respective sites in the week of 01 – 05 October 2018. To this end, the curriculum team developed scripted/signed lesson plans for use by schools for the Deaf during the Spring School Programme. The support focuses on three subjects, i.e. English FAL, Mathematical Literacy and South African Sign Language (SASL) Home Language.

South african sign language hl p1 questions and answers
South african sign language hl p1 pdf download
South african sign language hl p1 pdf
South african sign language hl p1 past papers


Scripted Lesson Plans: Presentation Slides

  1.1 The Rosebush Download
  1.1.1 The Rosebush ASL Download
  1.2 Alone ASL Download
  2.1 Romeo & Juliet Download
  2.2 The children’s garden ASL Download
  3.1 Discursive Essay Download
  3.2 Complaint Download
  4.1 Comprehension Download
  4.2 Summary Download
  5.1 Advert Download
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