Life Orientation source-based task Overview

Here is a sample Grade 10 Life Orientation source-based task: The Grade 10 Life Orientation source-based task is an assessment task that requires students to analyze and evaluate different sources of information on a specific topic related to life orientation. Students are typically provided with a variety of sources, such as articles, reports, and videos, and are asked to critically engage with these sources to develop their understanding of the topic and build their argument.

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Topic: Impact of social media on mental health
Aim: To analyze and compare two sources regarding the impact of social media use on the mental health of teenagers.

Source 1: An article from a teen lifestyle magazine giving advice on using social media responsibly. It highlights both the positive and negative effects of social media on teen mental health, citing statistics and expert opinions.

Source 2: A report from a mental health charity providing statistics on the correlation between social media use and mental health issues among teenagers, such as anxiety, depression and self-harm.

Analysis of Source 1:

  1.  The article discusses how social media can cause anxiety, depression and low self-esteem due to factors like social comparison and cyberbullying
  2. However, it also notes that social media can help teens build connections and seek support
  3. Experts advise moderation and taking breaks to minimize negative impacts
  4. As a lifestyle magazine, the source may downplay structural factors influencing teen mental health

Analysis of Source 2:

  1. Statistics show a rise in teen mental health issues coinciding with the rise of social media use
  2. Cyberbullying and spending 3+ hours daily on social media are linked to higher risks of depression and anxiety
  3. The statistics provide evidence of a correlation but cannot prove social media is the direct cause
  4. As a charity report, the source aims to raise awareness of the issue

Both sources provide useful but limited insights into the impact of social media on teen mental health. They highlight social media’s risks while also acknowledging its benefits when used moderately. A nuanced and holistic approach considering teens’ overall wellbeing is needed to maximize benefits and reduce harm from social media use.

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