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Selform System TAMISEMI

The Selform system, also known as Selform TAMISEMI, is an online platform used by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Administration in Tanzania, commonly referred to as TAMISEMI (Tanzania Ministry of State, Regional Administration and Local Government), for managing applications and selections for Form Five and Form Six placements in government schools.

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The Selform system is designed to streamline the selection process for students who have completed their Form Four examinations and are seeking placements for further education at the Form Five and Form Six levels. It allows students to apply online and choose their preferred schools and subjects. The system also facilitates the selection process by automating the allocation of students to schools based on their preferences, academic performance, and availability of spaces in the respective schools.

The Selform system aims to provide a transparent and efficient process for Form Five and Form Six selections in Tanzania, and it is typically used by TAMISEMI to manage the placement process for government schools. Students can access the Selform system through the TAMISEMI website or other designated online portals during the specified application period, and the results of the selection process are usually announced through the same system.

Form Five Selection 2024 And Colleges Selection Release date

Form Five Selection list is something that is expected by a lot of Form four leavers in Tanzania after pass their form four Examination. There is news that the first-round selection of Students selected to join form five is expected to be released by the month of May or June 2024. Therefore, the second-round selection is expected to be released somewhere any day after first form five Selection 2024. Well, the rumors are exactly what they are- rumors.

Form Five Selection 2024 And Colleges Selection 2024/2025


Form five joining instruction 2024 – form five joining instruction

Please click on the respective link to download the Joining Instructions document for Form five Joining Instructions 2024/2025, schools

The TAMISEMI on regional office website releases the Form five joining instructions (2024) pdf for students selected to join Form five in a government secondary school for the 2024/2025 academic year in Tanzania.

A Form five joining instructions 2024/2025 contains information about the school, the school and tuition fees, Uniforms color, Basic and necessary requirements for boarding and day students, etc.

Purpose of Form five joining Instruction 2024

For the Selected Applicants to join with form five must have download Form five joining instruction 2023 so as to know the following helpful information: –

  1. Any Contributions to pay using official payments methods Instructed by the school
  2. Location and means of transport to reach the particular schools
  3. Specific date of starting academic year of study
  4. It’s included an Important form to fill out so as to join the school. This includes
  • Medical Examination Form that must be filled with the doctor.
  • Registration form is the form that you will use for registration when you reach school
  • Declaration form
  1. Also, there is particular information that provides according to the school.

Where to get Form five Joining Instruction 2024?

The Form five joining instructions were issued by the Kigoma regional and district offices on behalf of TAMISEMI. Therefore, Prospective form five student who has been selected to join form five studies in will be able to check their joining instructions or fomu za kujiunga na kidato cha tano 2024 online through regional council official website you can download below

How do I obtain the Form 5 joining instructions – How To Download Form Five Join Instructions 2024/2025?

Form Five joining instructions are available for download on the TAMISEMI website. The joining instructions provide information about the different subjects offered in Form Five, as well as the requirements for admission to a Form Five course. You can check and download Form five joining instructions 2023/2024 Misungwi‎ thru the links below:

Form five joining instruction 2024/2025 – Join Instructions kidato cha tano

  1. Go HERE to obtain Form five joining instructions and follow the steps below.
  2. Click on your index number, Region, District, or the name of your school.
  3. New tab will open, follow it.
  4. Or To download the joining instructions, simply go to the TAMISEMI website and click the “Download” button. The joining instructions will then be downloaded as a PDF file.

A-level Secondary School in Tanzania is a 2-year. Secondary school admission requirements include common subjects (i.e., mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Biology, Civics, Chemistry, Geography, History, Physics, and other optional subjects that are combination subjects, may either be in science or art combination) taught in all secondary schools.