University of Fort Hare Online (UFH)

This is to tell the final public that the management of the University of University of Fort Hare Online (UFH) has proclaimed the official graduation date, gown assortment date, fees, programs of the event still because the list of graduands for the UFH graduation ceremony 2024 year.

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About university of University of Fort Hare Online (UFH) graduation 2024

Graduation is obtaining a certificate or degree or the ceremony that’s typically related to it, during which students become graduates. Before graduation, candidates’ area unit named as graduands. The date of graduation is commonly referred to as graduation day.

The graduation ceremony itself is additionally called commencement, convocation or invocation. Normally, the ceremony and name apply to high school and on top of (the next ascending levels being Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate)

Students World Health Organization area unit eligible to graduate can receive official invites to their graduation ceremonies containing details of their ceremony, the way to get a robe, and the way to organise for images.

Graduands are issued with graduation robes at their several student’s college workplace on the week of graduation. All graduation regalia should be coming back in time and people came back when the point in time shall attract a penalty fee.

Students and guests must dress formally. All graduates must wear academic attire.

Graduates who are unable to attend the ceremony may collect the certificate in person within a week of the ceremony at the faculty offices or thereafter at the Certification Office

UFH graduation dates

UFH virtual graduation ceremony 2022 – How does the virtual graduation work?

As we mentioned, virtual graduations work by recording the different parts of the graduation and live streaming them to students and their loved ones. … Blended events are events that allow some in-person attendance while still making it available online as a live stream.

How long do graduation ceremonies go for?

Graduation ceremonies usually last for one and a half to two hours, depending on the number of graduates. Visit Graduation for more information on the ceremonies.

What do I need to graduate at university of University of Fort Hare Online?

Students are encouraged to visit Student Central for purposes of checking and verifying the correctness of their biographical and registration information.  Degree/diploma certificates and graduation programmes are printed and posted, if necessary, using the information captured and stored in our database.

Please ensure that your NAMES are correct and same as on your Identity Documents/Passport.

Ensure that your record shows the correct QUALIFICATION.

If either of these are incorrect or need to be amended, please contact your College URGENTLY

College Contact Details:

AddressUniversity of Fort Hare Alice Campus, Ring Road, Alice, 5700, South Africa


Phone+27 40 602 2011

What to wear in graduation of university of University of Fort Hare Online?

The official academic dress must be worn for the ceremony, namely gown, hood and mortar board for the degree that will be conferred.

Please note that the academic attire should be worn over formal clothing

The academic attire can ONLY be purchased or hired from the official suppliers, HOUSE OF GRADUATES who will provide the correct attire for your qualification.

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