Traffic officer learnership 2023/2024 closing date

Traffic officer learnership 2023/2024 closing date: The website of the National Traffic Police (NTPC) has detailed information about the application forms for traffic cops. The forms need to be filled in and sent to the NTPC. The detailed information on the website includes the requirements for the application, the correct format of the forms, and the corresponding qualification standards. The website also states that traffic officers must be registered with the saqa and must meet the qualification standards. The website also has a section that explains the process of registering and qualifying as a traffic officer.

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Candidates must provide a certified copy of their identification card, such as a driver’s license or passport. The ID card must have the candidate’s photograph and name on it. The candidate’s ID must also have a corresponding candidate’s identification number. The candidate’s ID number is found on the back of the card. The candidate’s license must be from a provincial government department. The license must be from a government that is a member of the saqa. The license must be from a government that has a traffic department.

How to download Traffic Cop Application Forms 2023

The application forms are available from the provincial head offices. The application forms can also be obtained from the metro police. The application forms can also be obtained from the traffic departments. The application forms must be filled out and sent to the contact traffic. The contact traffic will then send the application forms to the people. The people will then contact the candidates. The candidates will then have to provide the necessary information. The possible trainee vacancies will be available from the contact traffic.

A private person can become a traffic cop if they have a related field. This related field can be anything from criminal justice to transportation. Once the person has a related field, they can then become a trainee at a traffic college. A trainee at a traffic college will learn about traffic aspects, vehicles, roads, and automobiles.

A large portion of the traffic cop application form 2023 will be devoted to questions about your experience and training in law enforcement or transportation-related fields. You will also be asked about your experience as a traffic officer or trainer.

Police utilities are vehicles used by law enforcement officers to carry out their duties. Some police utilities are SUVs, while others are police utility vehicles, which are typically smaller vehicles. Officers who work as traffic officers or trainers typically need to have a great deal of experience working with police utilities.

Traffic cop online application 2023

How Do i Get a Job as a Traffic Officer?

To begin, you must be employed by a Provincial Government, Municipality, or Government Agency such as the Road Traffic Management Corporation or the Cross Border Road Transport Agency. These authorities publicize open positions in the open media.

As a result, you should read your local and national newspapers on a regular basis. You can also contact any Local or Provincial Authority directly to inquire about available positions and when they will be advertised.

Discover the typical Traffic wage.

In South Africa, the average traffic income is R 360 000 per year, or R 185 per hour. Starting salaries for entry-level occupations start at R 210 000 per year, with most experienced professionals earning up to R 4 564 841 each year.


The Minister of Transport has approved 14 Traffic Colleges for Traffic Officers and Traffic Trainees. In South Africa, Traffic Officers can only be trained at the following Traffic Colleges and Metro Police Academies.

1.   Limpopo Traffic Training College Polokwane – Limpopo (015) 967 0467
2.  Boekenhoutkloof Traffic Training College Pretoria – Gauteng (012) 372 8000
3.   KZN Traffic Training College Pietermaritzburg – KZN (033) 394 0202
4.   Lengau Traffic Training College Bloemfontein – Free State (051) 409 0444
5.   Mangaung Traffic Training College Bloemfontein – Free State (051) 412 8100
6.   Gene Louw Traffic Training College Cape Town – Western Cape (021) 983 1501
7.   Durban Metro Police Department Academy Durban – KZN (031) 701 0462
8.   Johannesburg Metro Police Department Academy Johannesburg – Gauteng (011) 429 5010
9.   Tshwane Metro Police Department Academy Pretoria – Gauteng (012) 358 0005
10.  Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department Academy Springs – Gauteng (011) 812 8700
11.  Port Elizabeth Traffic Training College Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape (041) 390 4501
12.  Matjhabeng Traffic Training College Welkom – Free State (051) 876 2224
13. Cape Town Metro Police Deapartment Academy Cape Town – Western Cape (021) 447 2366
14. Mpumalanga Traffic Training College Hazyview – Mpumalanga 013 766 7292

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