Waliochaguliwa kujiunga na JKT 2023

Oljoro Arusha JKT Selection

Oljoro Arusha JKT Selection 2023 – Waliochaguliwa kujiunga na jkt 2023; the Army for Nation Building (JKT) is inviting young people who have graduated from secondary school form six in 2023, from schools in mainland Tanzania to attend JKT Training in accordance with the law.
from 03 to 17 June 2023. The so-called youths are organized into the camps of JKTRwamkoma-Mara, JKT Msange – Tabora, JKT Ruvu – Pwani, JKTMpwapwa, and Makutupora JKT Dodoma, JKT Mafinga – Iringa, JKTMlale-Ruvuma, JKT Mgambo and JKT Maramba-Tanga , JKTMakuyuni -Arusha, JKT Bulombora, JKT Kanembwa, and JKT Mtabila- Kigoma, JKT Itaka – Songwe, JKT Luwa and JKT Milundikwa – Rukwa, JKTNachingwea – Lindi and JKT Kibiti – Pwani and Oljoro JKT- Arusha. Graduates with visual impairment (Physical
disabilities) reported at the Ruvu JKT camp in Mlandizi
Coast Region which has the infrastructure to serve the community members.

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JKT is a Tanzanian army building nation, this army often provides opportunities to join their training for all Form Six graduates every year, where before they go to colleges and universities, these training opportunities help young people many things and are; To prepare young people for a responsible society and a work ethic, It prepares young people to have a heart of patriotism, brotherhood and patriotism, JKT builds young people to be honest, truthful and dependable to the Nation, prepares young people for a cohesive and united society, To teach young people to be obedient and respectful and prepare young people for a responsible society and a work ethic

Why joining Oljoro Arusha JKT Selection – JKT Selection 2023 PDF?


  • To prepare young people for a responsible society and a work ethic.
  • It prepares young people to have a heart of patriotism, brotherhood and patriotism.
  • JKT builds young people to be honest, truthful and dependable to the Nation
  • prepares young people for a cohesive and united society
  • To teach young people to be obedient and respectful.
  • To prepare young people for a responsible society and a work ethic waliochaguliwa 2023 Oljoro Arusha – JKT selection 2023

The Oljoro Arusha JKT Selection 2023 names of form six students has been released so that to attend the National Services training for the 2023 academic year. JKT has set up a three-month training camp and they should report to the camps as instructed

Oljoro Arusha JKT Selection 2023 – Form six JKT Selection (Majina ya waliochaguliwa jeshi 2023 Oljoro Arusha) list contains all the Students names selected to attend the national Service training at Oljoro Arusha JKT


Know the procedure for joining Oljoro Arusha JKT – Oljoro Arusha JKT joining instruction 2023


JKT enrolls young volunteers from all regions of the country every year. The procedure used is for JKT to write a letter to the regional heads and outline the vacancies that the region has been allocated.

After the Region received a letter from the JKT Chief and the number of vacancies for young people scheduled to join. The province allocates those positions according to its districts. Districts are also required to deploy in divisions, counties and villages. District officials often post advertisements for these vacancies on their bulletin board. JKT announces opportunities to join the army through Government and private media with a view to speeding up the report. For citizens especially the youth. Preliminary interviews are held under the District Defense and Security Committees where the youths come from, later held in the region, to determine the number of youths in the entire region.

When the exercise is completed in the regions, JKT sends teams of officers and soldiers from JKT Headquarters to screen young people interviewed in all regions of Mainland Tanzania. Young people are tested for their health and transported to JKT forces.

How to find Oljoro JKT Arusha location

To find the map from where I am to Oljoro JKT Arusha, start by entering start and end locations in calculator control and select the Show Map option. Want to know the distances for your google road map? You can see the Distance from where you are to Oljoro jkt Dodoma!

JKT CONTACTS – Waliochaguliwa kujiunga na jkt 2023


The JKT training program in Tanzania is a rigorous three-month program that is designed to provide military training and civic education to young Tanzanians. The program takes place in various JKT camps around the country, and participants are required to live on site for the duration of the training.

Here are some key features of the JKT training program:

1. Military Training: The program includes military training, which covers a range of topics such as marksmanship, drill and ceremony, physical fitness, and survival skills.

2. Civic Education: The program also includes civic education, which is designed to promote patriotism, national unity, and good citizenship among participants. This includes topics such as the history and culture of Tanzania, human rights, and environmental conservation.

3. Discipline: Participants are expected to adhere to a strict code of discipline during the training program. This includes following a daily routine, obeying orders from JKT officers, and maintaining a high level of personal hygiene.

4. Physical Fitness: The program places a strong emphasis on physical fitness, and participants are required to engage in daily physical exercise such as running, push-ups, sit-ups, and other activities.

5. Graduation: At the end of the three-month training program, participants are required to pass a final exam in order to graduate from the program. Graduates are then awarded a certificate of completion, which is recognized by the Tanzanian government.

Overall, the JKT training program is designed to instill discipline, patriotism, and leadership skills among young Tanzanians. It is a challenging program, but one that is highly regarded by many Tanzanians who have completed it.

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