NVTI Dressmaking past QUESTIONS

NVTI Dressmaking past QUESTIONS: With very few exceptions, we all wear clothes and have drawers and wardrobes full of them. Very few of us know the person who made our clothes, or even which country they were made in. In this post we look at a few of the basics of dressmaking for beginners.

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There is something magical about having the skill to construct your own clothes in the 21st Century. Dressmaking as a hobby is growing in popularity around the world, especially in the UK, for a number of reasons. Whether it’s a simple T-shirt, kids PJ’s, a pretty summer dress or even a pair of knickers, making your own clothes is a hugely rewarding skill/craft that few people ever take the time to learn. Crazy when you think how huge the fashion industry is!

There are thousands of patterns available to buy from big pattern houses through to small independent designers. Patterns for every garment type that we can adapt to fit perfectly to create a unique style. You just need to learn the basic skills to start sewing your own clothes and we’re here to help get you started and share patterns with you..

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How to download the NVTI Dressmaking past QUESTIONS

If you are looking for past questions for the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) exams in Ghana, you can check the following method below:

  1. Visit the NVTI website: The official website of the NVTI (
  2. Check the “Dressing or fashion Examinations” section or search for “past questions” on the website.

Our website, have collected some past questions that you can review on them before you enter in exam room, so that you can make yourself competent for the coming final examination, view below past papers:

Download NVTI certificate on past questions by clicking on test.


Basic Sewing Important Questions – Past Papers

Paper 1: Basic Sewing – University Past Papers.

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Theory: 20 (1hour)

Q.1 Define the following terms: (10)




Seam Allowance

Attempt any one question from the following: (10)

Q.2 Write a note on cutting tools.

Q.3 What are different measuring tools used in sewing?

Practical: 50

Q1: stitch samples of:

1: gathers

2: French seam.

3:zip fastening

Q2: One variation basic neckline

Paper 2: Basic Sewing – University Past Papers.

Time Allowed: 3 hours

Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q.NO.01: Fill in the blanks (20 marks )
1. Temporary stitch that is removed when permanent stitch is done is ____________
2. Amount of fullness in garments beyond the exact body measurement is ___________
3. The ____________part of machine facilitate winding of thread on the bobbin
4. _______________ engage and disengage the stitching mechanism
5. Plate through which the needle passes as it carries the thread down the loop over the bobbin is called _______________
6. ___________ holds the thread in position from the spool to the needle
7. ______________controls the tightness of thread
8. ______________ beneath the presser foot pushes the cloth backward
9. Two closely woven edges on all woven fabrics is called ____________
10. The direction of threads in woven fabrics is called _______________

Q.NO.02: Label all parts of machine (10marks)

PRACTICAL: (50marks)

Q.NO.01: Stitch sample of front and back neckline (25)

Q.NO.02: Stitch samples of three different seams (25)



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