Monash University academic calendar 2023/2024

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Your Guide to the Monash University Key Dates in 2023

The Monash University academic calendar 2023 means it’s time to start planning for university! Monash University has a range of critical dates throughout the year that you need to be aware of, from Open Days and Orientation Week to exams and graduations. Here’s your guide to making sure you get everything!

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Monash University’s academic calendar for 2023 is now available, so it’s time to start thinking about university!

2023 is around the corner, so it’s time to start planning for university! The Monash University has a few key dates you should be aware of if you consider attending in 2023. Orientation week will take place from February 27th to March 3rd. This is a great opportunity to tour the campus, meet your fellow students, and get settled into university life. Classes will begin on March 6th and continue until June 30th.

The Monash University has a range of critical dates throughout the year that students need to be aware of.

The Monash University has announced its key dates for 2023. These are the important deadlines and events that students need to be aware of. Some of the highlights include open days in February, orientation week in March, and the start of semester one on April 3. For full-time students, there are also a number of breaks throughout the year where study is not required, including mid-semester break and summer break. It’s important to stay up-to-date with these key dates so you can plan your studies around them accordingly.

Some of these key dates include open days, orientation week, exams, and graduations.

The Monash University’s key dates for 2023 include open days, orientation week, exams, and graduations. As they prepare for their tertiary education, some students begin to feel pressure around this time of year. It is important to remember that these are just key dates and not set-in-stone rules. Each individual student’s university journey will be unique and special in its own way. Just like every other year, we encourage all prospective students to use these key dates as a guide, but ultimately make decisions that work best for them and their situation!

Semester dates summary

Semester dates 2022–2026

2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Orientation Week 21–25 Feb 20–24 Feb 19–23 Feb 24–28 Feb 23–27 Feb
Semester one
teaching period
28 Feb – 27 May 27 Feb – 26 May 26 Feb – 24 May 3 Mar – 30 May 2 Mar – 29 May
Mid-semester break 18–22 Apr 10–14 Apr 1–5 Apr 21–25  Apr 6–10 Apr
Swot vac 30 May – 3 Jun 29 May – 2 Jun 27–31 May 2–6 Jun 1–5 Jun
Final assessments (exams) 6–24 Jun 5–23 Jun 3–21 Jun 9–27 Jun 8–26 Jun
Results published 11 Jul 10 Jul 8 Jul 14 Jul 13 Jul
Orientation Week (mid-year) 18–22 Jul 17–21 Jul 15–19 Jul 21–25 Jul 20–24 Jul
Deferred and supplementary assessments 8–12 Aug 7–11 Aug 5–9 Aug 11–15 Aug 10–14 Aug
Semester two
teaching period
25 Jul – 21 Oct 24 Jul – 20 Oct 22 Jul – 18 Oct 28 Jul – 24 Oct 27 Jul – 23 Oct
Mid-semester break 26–30 Sep 25–29 Sep 23–27 Sep 29 Sep – 3 Oct 28 Sep – 2 Oct
Swot vac 24–28 Oct 23–27 Oct 21–25 Oct 27–31 Oct 26–30 Oct
Final assessments (exams) 31 Oct – 18 Nov 30 Oct – 17 Nov 28 Oct – 15 Nov 3–21 Nov 2–20 Nov
Results published 5 Dec 4 Dec 2 Dec 12 Dec 11 Dec
Deferred and supplementary assessments 30 Jan – 17 Feb (2023) 29 Jan – 2 Feb (2024) 3–7 Feb (2025) 2–6 Feb (2026) 1–5 Feb (2027)


Each semester is made up of twelve teaching weeks, with a mid-semester break.

Other important dates


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