Life orientation grade 8

Life Orientation is central to the holistic development of learners. It should be considered the most important subject in the curriculum.

Life Orientation is central to the holistic development of learners. It should be considered the most important subject in the curriculum. It addresses skills, knowledge, and values for learners’ personal, social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth. LO guides and prepares learners for life and its possibilities and equips them for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society. The focus of Life Orientation is the development of self-in-society. It promotes self-motivation and teaches learners how to apply goal-setting, problem-solving, and decision-making strategies in preparing learners for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and 21st Century skills. These serve to facilitate individual growth as part of an effort to create a democratic society, a productive economy, and an improved quality of life. Learners are guided to develop their full potential and are provided with opportunities to make informed choices regarding personal and environmental health, study opportunities, and future careers.

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Addressing violence in schools

AIDS orphans

Air pollution

Appropriate behaviour

Appropriate behaviour – case study

Appropriate behaviour – role play

Bullying at school

Campaigning against pollution

Career and study choices

Career and study choices – corresponding requirements

Career and study opportunities – interest and abilities

Causes of stress and dealing with stressful situations

Coping with depression

Creating a new national identity

Cultural diversity

Cultural norms and standards

Dealing with trauma

Dealing with traumatic situations – case studies

Dealing with traumatic situations – role play


Democracy in South Africa

Further Education and Training colleges and training providers

Gender equity in sport activities

Global view on HIV infections

Health law and Human Rights in South Africa

Healthy lifestyles

HIV – AIDS concepts

How safe are our schools

Human Rights

Human rights in a democracy


Investigation on gender equity in sport activities

Limitation of Human Rights

Modern medicine

Nation building in South Africa

National symbols

Non-profit organisations

Outdoor adventure activities

Outdoor recreational activities

Physical activity

Physical activity – balance movements

Physical activity – demonstration of rotation

Physical activity – elevation movements

Physical activity – fitness programmes

Physical activity – rotation movements

Pollution and health risks

Positive personal qualities – Richard Branson

Positive self-concept – individual activity

Positive self-concept – group activity

Preventing and managing stress


Relationships – case study

Relationships – ending unhealthy friendships

Relationships – personal problems and choices

Relationships – Simulation

Road safety

Road safety – pedestrians

Safety around the house

Safety at home

Safety at home and on the road

Safety versus Human Rights


Social Development – Desmond Tutu

Soil pollution

Solving problems democratically

Stress – extended writing

Sustainable development

Target games

The Bill of Rights

The constitution on healthy environment

The Earth Charter

The environment

The influence of culture on society

The role of work and South Africa’s needs

The role of work in relation to South Africa’s needs

Unhealthy lifestyles

Violation of Human Rights

Violence – activities at schools

Violence in schools

Water pollution

What are Human Rights violations

Work needs in the community


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