How Technology Improves the Learning of Fractions Online?


Mathematics is a subject that can become a nightmare for students if they are not able to learn the basics of a topic. For example, if you are learning fractions and have no concept of numerator and denominator or what are the improper and proper fractional quantities. Then the classroom would become a boring place, and such students usually feel sleepy during Math class. The big question here is how to help students in learning the basic concepts. In this regard online help can be great, increasing the interactivity and interest of the students like a fraction calculator by Interactivity is critical in learning and is one of the basic things for growing children. 

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 For example if you are not sure how to convert the fraction into a decimal and decimal into the fraction.


 Then you simply need to fraction into the online tool. The fraction calculators have the embedded codes and procedure to teach a concept to the students.  The various online math calculators are rated on the basis of their user interface. The user likes a simple way to teach a difficult concept like the fractions.


Roles of interactive websites:

The interactive websites actually present online tools without any cost. Online tools like fraction calculator present the concepts in the most interactive and easy way. Students usually learn through interactivity and presentation of the concepts.

There are various benefits of online help for students:

  • Interactivity 
  • Creativity 
  • Presentation 
  • Pressure  



The interactivity of learning is one of the prominent features of online learning.

For example when you are adding fractions like 443/111, 551/311, 331/223, etc. We need to notice there is a prime number involved in the fractions. When we are using the adding fraction calculator, we can learn these which involve prime numbers in a matter of seconds.

Let’s try interactive websites like and rediscover various Math concepts like integration, derivation, and standard deviation. These concepts are in engineering and business concepts, it is almost impossible to do any measurements without mathematical calculations.


The creativity of thinking is essential in the modern-day learning process. Children of our age are actually using gadgets that we can’t imagine in our time. We need creativity when teaching students children if you are using creative tools to multiply the fraction by the multiple fraction calculator. Children of our age actually have an embedded connection with gadgets due to their creative interface. 



Presentation of a topic is critical when teaching a concept, for example when being a teacher, you are using a dividing fraction calculator. You can present various real-time examples, like how we can divide a Pizza into “7” equal parts. Then try to divide the Pizza practical into 7 equal parts. Children will never forget such an example that involves fun.


The pressure of learning is one of the main things which make most students a fugitive of studies. Such students can’t bear the pressure of classrooms or examinations. When being an educationist you remove pressure from learning by solving your question on online tools like subtracting fractions calculator. You can teach them without any pressure, and make learning a fun-loving activity.  


Take away:

Online education has completely changed the paradigm of learning. Educationists are encouraging interactive, creative ways to present a Mathematical concept without any pressure. Online technology does possess these characteristics.

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