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E-Classroom” is a popular online educational resource that provides curriculum-based educational materials for South African students. The content on the platform is aligned with the South African curriculum and covers various subjects for different grades, including Grade 6.

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We are driven by our belief in the power of social change and transforming lives for the better. E-Classroom was the first digital education platform to launch in South Africa in 2011 to provide a wide range of educational resources in response to teachers and parents searching for excellent quality educational resources. All resources are developed by subject specialists at the top of their chosen field. All learners have the right to quality education and our business ethos focuses on providing affordable resources to all schools, parents, and learners from Grade R to 12 as follows:

Worksheets: Based on the South African Caps* Curriculum, we lighten the load for teachers and parents by providing supplementary resources for students in Grades R-9 which cover most subjects for each term and practice papers for Grades 10-12 in selected subjects. We are always hard at work developing updated content and adding to existing material. The worksheets are offered for a minimum yearly license fee.

Revision & Assessment Papers: These are an invaluable revision and study resource. Papers are based on the original CAPS* document and, where possible, we have updated papers that exclude content removed from the ATP-adjusted curriculum. These revision papers are designed to assist learners and while teachers are welcome to use them, each school should tweak the curriculum to accommodate its teaching style, so they may not fully represent what your child is learning in class.

Video lessons: Research shows that children today, particularly those with learning barriers, respond positively to content that includes sound, colour and movement and we have developed our video lessons to include all of these.
Our video lessons cover the full CAPS* Curriculum that can be taught in a realistic eight-week, termly timeframe. Where applicable, each video lesson is supported by printable activities and memos to ensure a blended-learning environment that encourages learners to practice vital skills. Teachers and parents can easily enhance the lessons by adding their own activities and exercises.

*Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement Please check the website regularly for updates on new resource developments.


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