Chisholm Institute exam timetable 2023

Exams are included in many Chisholm Institute Online units as a compulsory part of the assessment. This page provides general information and answers some frequently asked questions about the exam process.

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Special consideration

Students may be eligible to sit an alternative exam or apply for special consideration if their performance in the exam was seriously affected due to illness or unable to attend due to exceptional circumstances.

Complete both forms and submit an application with supporting documentation within 48 hours of the exam or assessment due date to:

Form 1 – Application for special consideration (PDF – 534kb)

Form 1a – Special consideration application (Higher education) (PDF – 124kb)

Exam performance and feedback

Feedback on your student’s performance in exams is provided by submitting application within 48 hours of the release of exam results to:

Form 2 – Application to view exam paper (PDF – 542kb)

Supplementary exam

Student may be granted a supplementary assessment if all the following criteria are met:

  • Final result is no more than five percent below the required pass rate (i.e. 45%-49%)
  • Student passed all other subjects during the same semester.
  • A pass grade would complete all academic requirements for your the degree or failing the subject would significantly impact your the enrolment for the following semester.

Submit application to

Form 4 – Application for supplementary exam (PDF – 545kb).

Exam timetable, Chisholm Institute

Where can I find the Chisholm Institute exam schedule?

Your personal exam timetable is published on Student Connect five weeks before the exams. It will display the date, time, and mode or venue for each of your exams.

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How can I check my exam marks at Chisholm Institute?

Academic progression details can be viewed on studentConnect. If you’ve made satisfactory progress, you’ll be assigned the status of “Good Standing” and will be permitted to re-enrol. If you’ve failed to make satisfactory progress, you may be placed on probation, suspended or excluded.

These key dates include exams and test days

The Chisholm Institute’s key dates for 2023 include exams and test days. As they prepare for their tertiary education, some students begin to feel pressure around this time of year. It is important to remember that these are just exams and test days and not set-in-stone rules. Each individual student’s university journey will be unique and special in its own way. Just like every other year, we encourage all prospective students to use these key dates as a guide, but ultimately make decisions that work best for them and their situation!

Chisholm Institute Alternative arrangements

It’s your responsibility to ensure you can make your scheduled exams on time. In some circumstances, alternative examination arrangements can be made.

Chisholm Institute Exam timetable clash

If two of your exams are scheduled for the same time, your personal timetable on studentConnect will state ‘CLASH’ and it will list the alternate session you’ve been assigned to, so you don’t need to do anything. You’ll need to sign a Student Declaration form stating that you haven’t seen the exam paper before and you haven’t spoken to anyone who has already sat the exam.

Sitting exams overseas

All exams will be online or an alternative assessment, therefore accessible anywhere in the world. If you are sitting a timetabled exam and you are negatively impacted by timezone differences, you can apply to sit the exam during the next appropriate daylight time. You can apply for a variation through school portal and indicate the timezone you are currently in, and the Exams team will confirm an amended sitting with you. Note, this will reflect the next available reasonable time for your timezone (i.e. 9am). You’ll need to sign a Student Declaration form stating that you haven’t seen the exam paper before and you haven’t spoken to anyone who has already sat the exam.

Disability or medical condition

If you have a disability or medical condition that means you are unable to complete exams under regular conditions, alternative arrangements can be made. Examples include alternative venues, extra time or use of a computer. The adjustment must be clearly related to the functional impact of your disability or medical condition in exam conditions. Make an appointment to discuss your requirements with a disability officer at UniAccess.

Recent injury

If you suffer an illness or disability before exams begin (for example, you injure your writing arm), contact UniAccess to see if special arrangements can be made for you.

Religious beliefs

If you cannot attend an exam due to your religious beliefs, alternative exam arrangements may be made by submitting a special consideration request to your Student Advising Office within five university working days after the publication of the final examination timetable on studentConnect. This includes presenting a letter from your religious leader, indicating you are a member of the congregation and will be unable to attend the scheduled exam.

Elite athletes

Alternative exam arrangements may be made for you by submitting a special consideration request to your Student Advising Office at least four weeks prior to the exam period; unless it is a deferred exam where applications must be received within three university working days after the publication of the timetable. You can sit the exam at the scheduled time away from the University or you may require a deferred exam.

Deferred or supplementary exams

If you’re sitting a deferred or supplementary exam, you are still required to read the information relating to main exams to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Chisholm Institute Timetable and results

Your personal timetable will display the date, time and assessment type for your exams on studentConnect 10 days before the exam period.

If you pass your deferred exam your mark will contribute to your existing unit mark.

If you pass your supplementary exam, you’ll receive a grade of PS (Pass Supplementary). No mark will show on your record; however, a mark of 50 percent will be used to calculate your weighted average mark (WAM) and grade point average (GPA).

If you fail your supplementary exam, you’ll receive a grade of FS (Fail Supplementary). The original mark will show on your record and can be used to calculate your WAM (Weighted Average Mark) and GPA (Grade Point Average) you received.

University of Western Allowable items for Exams

To view the allowable items for an exam please select the corresponding exam period below.

Exams are an important part of your studies at university, and we want to help make this time as stress-free as possible.

Browse important dates below and find information about alternative arrangements and deferred/supplementary exams.

Find out all you need to know before and during your exams, including exam modes, rules, and support for preparing for your exams.

Note: centrally administered exams are not scheduled on University or public holidays.


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