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Capitec ewallet code – capitec cellphone banking code

Last Update: August 29, 2023



Capitec Bank is a South African retail bank. As of August 2017 the bank was the second largest retail bank in South Africa, based on number of customers, with 120,000 customers opening new accounts per month.

capitec cellphone banking code

Mobile Banking using unstructured supplementary services data (USSD) allows you to use any cellphone to access the service by dialing *120*3279# to perform banking on the go.

How do I do Capitec cellphone banking?

It’s easy. Dial *120*3279# to do credit facility transfers, view your available account balances, buy airtime or electricity, transfer money between your accounts and pay a Capitec client with a verified cellphone number.

Capitec SWIFT code

The SWIFT code for Capitec Bank is CABLZAJJ.  This code must always be captured in field 57A the “Account with Institution” by the foreign bank.

Account restrictions

Clients who use their transaction/savings accounts for business reasons or for bulk salary transfers may not use their retail accounts to make or receive any international transactions in favour of the business name. All transactions received in favour of salary transfer clients and in business names will be returned. If your business has a need for foreign exchange services please contact our Business bank, on the following link https://www.mercantile.co.za/treasury or call 011 302 0358 for more information.

Foreign loans

Preapproval is needed from SARB for the introduction of a foreign loan before the money is paid to South Africa.

If you’re going to receive a foreign loan from abroad, download, print and complete the form below. The forms and a copy of the signed loan agreement between the borrower and the lender, must be emailed to InfoForex@capitecbank.co.za or faxed to 0860 88 88 15.

For more information, call 021 809 4501 or 0860 66 77 09.

Exchange Control Application Form

Contact details

If you are expecting money from abroad or you will be sending money from abroad to your own account, please ensure that you update your contact details, including an email address if available. If you do not have a Standing Instruction for the payment, Capitec must be able to contact you complete the regulatory requirements. If we cannot contact you within 30 days, the money will be returned to the sender. To update your details, visit your nearest Capitec Bank branch.


The cost associated with payments from abroad will be deducted by the processing bank(s) from the value received before it is credited to your account (the beneficiary) unless otherwise indicated in the payment instruction.

Fees for international payments cannot be determined or quoted before the payment being received due to the number of other banks that might be involved to make the payment to Capitec Bank.

Please refer to the fee brochure or website for the fees applicable to receive an international payment.

Clearing times

Since we depend on a number of local banks to process these international payments, we can’t guarantee the exact clearing times.

Payments from abroad normally take 3 – 7 working days from the time that the money is sent. If the sender or the foreign bank provides the Bank in South Africa with too little account information, the transaction will take longer and could even be returned.

It is important that our SWIFT code (CABLZAJJ) be included in field 57A of the SWIFT payment instruction as this helps automate the processing of the payment. If it’s not included, the payment will be returned to the sending bank as an invalid payment instruction.

Returned payments could incur fees and these cannot be determined or quoted due to the number of local and foreign banks involved in the payment. The fees will be deducted from the value of the payment.

IBAN Number

The paying bank sometimes ask for an IBAN number. South African banks do not use IBAN numbers and it should not be required for payments to Capitec Bank. Should the paying entity force the capturing of an IBAN account number they can use the Capitec 10 digit account number preceded by zeroes (“0”). For example: the IBAN reference could be 0000001123456789.

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