Where can I get CAO handbook?

CAO Handbook 2024 pdf is now available for download in PDF for students seeking admission. Download the Central Applications Office, Cao prospectus for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
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The CAO (Central Applications Office) booklet is a guidebook for students who are interested in pursuing higher education in Ireland. The booklet provides information on the various courses available at universities, institutes of technology, and other higher education institutions across the country. It is typically published annually and is available online on the CAO website.

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The booklet contains detailed information on the application process, including important dates and deadlines, and provides guidance on how to fill out the application form. It also includes information on the points system used in Ireland, which is used to determine which students are offered places in particular courses.

Download CAO handbook 2024

In addition to information on the application process, the CAO booklet also contains detailed descriptions of the various courses available, including entry requirements, course content, and career prospects. This information can help students to make informed decisions about which courses they should apply for.

The CAO booklet is an important resource for students who are considering higher education in Ireland. It provides valuable information and guidance on the application process and the various courses available, helping students to make informed decisions about their future education and career paths.

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