Registration at Boland College (How much is the registration fee at Boland TVET College?)

This topic outlines the introductions, registration steps, application deadlines, and admission requirements for Boland TVET College.

Boland TVET College Registration; The college has been registered as a recognized and licensed institution by both the Government of South Africa and the International Organization of Standardization (ISO). The College has in place a well-structured education program that builds on the foundation of knowledge and skills established in junior high school. The senior high school program is organized into three years, with a two-year transition phase. The transition phase is very important as it prepares the student well for the job market. The college offers a wide range of subjects that meet the statutory education requirements of the country. The subjects offered by Boland TVET College are as follows:

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Boland TVET College Registration Steps (How can I register in Boland?)

  1. Apply for admission to the school using the prescribed application form.
  2. You will receive an admission letter to the school where you will be required to pay the admission fee using the admission form.
  3. Submit the examination papers to the examination board.
  4. Pass the examination and you will be awarded a mark.
  5. Once you have received your mark, apply for registration.
  6. You will receive registration papers from the school.
  7. Apply for Academic Transcripts.
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How much is the registration fee at Boland TVET College?

The registration fee at Boland TVET College is GHC 8,000.00 for both the Junior High School and Senior High School. The same fee is payable each year by any student who is eligible to register at the school. This registration fee is non-refundable. The government of South Africa has made provisions under the Education Act, Section 85(1) that registration at a school is a legal contract between the student and the school. It is therefore advisable that parents/guardians should make payment of the registration fee.

Boland TVET College Application closing date

The online application date open at Boland Tvet College for the 2023 academic year starts on the 1st of August 2022 and closes on the 30th of September 2022.

Boland TVET College Admission criteria

  1. Good Academic Results.
  2. Good Character and Behavior.
  3. Physically and mentally capable
  4. English Language Proficiency
  5. Parental Consent
  6. Age requirement.


Boland TVET College is a private institution of higher learning that provides a wide range of professional and technical education in the country. The college has been established to provide quality education to the youth of the country. The institution has been built on the principles of free and compulsory education. The curriculum at TVET College has been designed to provide challenging and relevant content to meet the needs of present-day society. The college has a well-qualified teaching staff who are trained and experienced in teaching the required curriculum. The college is a member of APCO, the Association of Recognized and Licensed Institutions of Higher Learning. The registration process is easy and comprehensive, and the institution offers a wide range of professional and technical education in the country. The students will benefit from TVET College.


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