University of Bagamoyo Offered courses for 2018/ 2019

The University of Bagamoyo is an independent, privately owned non denominational and non-partisan institution of higher learning.   The University is owned by a Registered Board of Trustees.  The  founding  of University is part  and  parcel  of a great  vision to  seek the  achievement  of a free and democratic Tanzania being guided by principles of social justice,  equity, and peace.
These principles includes, inter alias, the empowerment of the Tanzanian public with education  in the prevailing  socio-economic context,  with a view to creating strong democratic  civil society that respects democratic  constitutionalism,  the rule of law, good governance,  and holistic social, economical, political,  and  varied  belief systems  of the  society.  Within  this  context,  the Registered  Board of Trustees  of the University  believes in an integrated formation  that aims  at  a holistic  nurturing of a human  being,  in which  the mind, the spirit,  and the body are involved in producing a human  being of a new type.  The University academic programmes take leadership and individual personality nurturance as the core elements around which knowledge gravitates.  The knowledge has to be relevant and of high quality so as to be beneficial to the society in general.

“Through  Bagamoyo we were enslaved, and through  Bagamoyo we have been liberated!”

University of Bagamoyo Offered courses for 2018/ 2019

Degree/ Undergraduate Programmes

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Bachelor of Science in Geoinformatics
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • LL.B Degree Programme
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education (English and Geography )
Post-graduate courses

  • Master of Laws In Human Rights
  • Master of Laws on Mediation And Arbitrations
  • Master of Laws In Corporate And Commercial Relations
  • Master of Laws In Judicial Practice And Administration
  • Masters of Laws in Employment and Labour Relations
  • MA in Education and Allied Social Sciences
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education