Social studies mock questions 2023

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Social Studies Practice Tests are developed to get you familiar with the real exam.

These practice tests cover topics related to American History, Economy, Geography, Civics, and Government.

Keep in mind that there is no penalty for guessing or answering answers incorrectly on the test.

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So make sure you’ll answer all questions, also if you’re unsure or need to guess.

Also, during the test, your problem-solving skills will be measured.

GED Social Studies Practice Test

These practice tests are not related  – The Official Practice Test, produced and distributed by GED Testing Service LLC.


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GED Social Studies Practice Test

Question 1 of 10.
1. What term refers to the system that gives each government branch some power over the others?

How to Prepare for the Social Studies Test

This page offers you numerous sample practice tests related to the Social Science section of the GED exam. Make sure you take as many practice tests as possible, and if some topic seems to be challenging, check our Social Studies online classes.

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We publish video lessons that are a great help to get you all geared up

to take all sections of the GED Social Studies effectively.

Our video lessons are completely free, so take advantage of this great help to get all set fast for all topics of the GED Social Studies test.


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