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DATE:    26TH SEPTEMBER, 2014 

There has been a lapse in observance of the SJUT Dress Code. For the sake of the good name of the University, which has been created judiciously and dilligently over the last seven (7) years, the University will not allow the situation to get worse by tolerating purposeful violation of the Dress Code. The good name of any University is not built by good academic performance alone but also by a high level of discipline, decency and propriety among students and staff.

It is needless, at this juncture, to overstate the importance of upholding the good name of the University, which must be preserved at all costs. Students must enjoy behaving in a gentlemanly or lady-like manner through word and deed, rather than delighting in appearing rough, shabby, slovenly, cheap, seductive or whorelike.

Let every student be reminded that the dress you put on partly sums up what kind of person you are, because it sends a message about the things your mind likes and which your body practices. A person of a sound mind cannot dare walk half naked in public. Quite a number of students are walking half naked either in miniskirts or “mlegezo” (kata-k). We have reached a place where we must say enough is enough and students defying the Dress Code will have themselves to blame.

Notice is therefore, hereby given to all students to read, understand and observe the Dress Code. Also read the Student Handbook Chap. 4 Part III Section 7(t) on Disciplinary Offences and Part VI Section 22 and 23(a) on Penalties. The office will see to it that every student respects and upholds the Dress Code. Obedience to the code will pay him/her doubly: to be morally upright and free from penalty.

The whole SJUT community are invited to start the 2014/2015 Academic year with decency, moral and spiritual re-armament. Let everyone of us remember the Genesis 1:27 quotation! In a tightly fitting pair of trousers/jeans, mini skirt or a kata-k pair of trousers we fall too far short of being an ‘image of God’!


SJUT Dress Code and Instrument of Respect in PDF format can be downloaded on the links below.

    1. SJUT Dress Code ( in pdf )

2. Instrument of Respect ( in pdf )

    3. Implementation of SJUT Dress Code ( in pdf )


The Instruments of Respect of St John’s University of Tanzania is summarized in the motto: “A Centre of Excellence for Developing Humankind Holistically to Learn to Serve.”
(1) Rule of Faith: We recognize and affirm that St. John’s University of Tanzania is a Christian Institution built upon an Anglican foundation. This means:

    1. We respect to give honour and praise to Almighty God in the context of our life together.
    2. We shall do nothing to undermine development of a Christian ethos within the University.
    3. We shall give support to the ongoing development of a Christian worldview in matters of academic work, ethical standards, and good character.
    4. We shall strive to create an environment of mutual enrichment towards the development of critical thought and co-operative praxis for the betterment of society.

(2) Rule of Life: We shall seek to love our neighbours as ourselves. We promise:

    1. To avoid swearing and disparaging talk about God, or gossip about our neighbour;
    2. To respect public times of worship and rest;
    3. To respect the legitimate authority of the state, the family, the Church, and the University rules and not participate in any public riot;
    4. To uphold the human and civil rights of persons regardless of race, class, ethnic group, religion or gender, including the unborn, and to renounce any physical or verbal abuse of another person;
    5. To shun all sexual immorality, polygamy, adultery, fornication and homosexual practice;
    6. Not to steal or engage in financial dishonesty of any kind;
    7. To tell the truth and renounce all forms of plagiarism and false testimony;
    8. To dress decently and treat each other with dignity and purity;
    9. To exercise moderation in all things, avoiding abuse of body and soul through alcohol, tobacco, drugs, pornography or gambling.

(3) Rule of Prayer: We shall seek to love God with all our soul and mind. We promise:

    1. To maintain a spiritual discipline, including study and prayer,
    2. To shape our lives for the glory of God and the betterment of others;
    3. To give generously to those in need and to those who support the needy.