MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation Offered courses for 2018/ 2019

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MS TCDC is a non-profit training organisation within MS ActionAid Denmark. It was established in 1967 and over the years the Centre has gained a reputation for high quality training of Civil Society Organisations and their partners, donors, and government agencies. We do provides a range of Short Trainings for development practitioners within the areas of governance, accountability, leadership, human rights, gender, peace building and conflict resolution; as well as soft skills such as Project Planning & Management and Monitoring & Evaluation. In addition to this, the Centre delivers Academic Programmes such as our BA in Governance & Development, BA in Non Profit Studies and MSc in Governance & Leadership. Our Swahili language programs and the Tanzanian Orientation Courses, trademark of MS TCDC, completes the regular academic offer.

We complement this for our Tailor Made Trainings, as well as for our Consultancy & Advisory Services.

Furthermore, MS TCDC offers Conference, Seminar and Workshop Facilities that benefit from our comfortable and equipped venues, and a variety of accommodation options at the Centre. Throughout the year different trainings run concurrently with a number of workshops and conferences in a lively international atmosphere promoting networking and the sharing of experiences.

Our excellent facilities together with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere makes MS TCDC an ideal place for reflection and learning.

Our training courses aim to inspire, and empower citizens to mobilize, organize, challenge and intervene actively and constructively to re-direct the allocation and prioritization of services to favor the most vulnerable and marginalized. These include women, children and persons with special needs. We equip participants with tools, skills and inspiration that enable them to change their attitudes and behavior by overcoming the cultural, mental, structural and systemic barriers enshrined in the fear to engage and to question. We know too well that positive engagement is the only effective means of improving their livelihoods.

A Civil Society actively initiating, leading, sustaining and succeeding in popular struggles for a more just, democratic and sustainable world.

Mission Statement:

MS TCDC’s mission is to build the capacity of leaders of present and tomorrow’s political struggles through:

• Training in democratic governance and leadership to enhance knowledge, skills and motivation/confidence for civic and political action, solidarity building and networking

• Providing a creative, open and safe space for networking, reflection, knowledge   sharing, and organizing individual and collective action for a more just democratic and sustainable world

• Innovative resource mobilization approaches for sustaining capacity building for leaders of popular struggles.

MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation Offered courses for 2018/ 2019

  • Bachelor of Arts in Governance and Development
  • Masters of Science in Governance and Leadership