Modak Satellite – modak satellite dish price

Since 1992 Modak has been named an innovator in the field of video and audio editing. Today the Modak name is synonymous with superior quality for a wide range of satellite dishes and free-to-air HD products, cabling, remote controls, splitters, LNBs, LNBF’s, plasma LED/LCD mounting accessories. Modak has become the product of choice amongst professional installers, retailers, end-users and a growing household name.

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This is another good option if you’re looking for the best free to air decoders in South Africa. The company prides itself as one of the largest distributors of Free-to-Air products in Southern Africa. Once you buy one of its free-to-air products, the company will recommend a professional installer to help you install it. After that, you start enjoying free to air channels at no extra costs. The company has branches in major cities like Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, North West, Limpopo & Kimberly.

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