Matokeo form two 2022 Katavi Tanzania – Matokeo ya kidato cha pili 2022 Katavi

Matokeo ya kidato cha pili 2022 Katavi: Here are Matokeo ya kidato cha pili 2022 Katavi for candidates Who have passed the form two 2022/2023 examination in the respective region. All Tanzania Katavi primary schools participated in the exams on 11/2022.

  • FTNA Results 2022 – Form Two National Assessment Result 2022-23 will be announced in the month of January. I am requesting all of you to like our Telegram channel so as to get updates on Matokeo form two 2022/2023. You can also get an email alert whenever the Form Two National Assessment Result 2022-23 date will be announced. Stay connected with us for more updates and news on FTNA by NECTA Tanzania.
  • The main objective of the Form Two National Assessment exam is to improve academic performance in schools. An FTNA private candidate shall be eligible to register and sit for CSEE within a period of ten years from the time he passed FTNA.
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Candidates’ names are listed in PDF form; you can check and download them online by following the link below: DOWNLOAD PDF from Telegram here

NECTA FTNA Subjects:

  • Students can choose from the following courses at the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA): FTNA: Form Two National Assessment
  • English Language, Basic Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Engineering Science, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Theatre Arts, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Food and Nutrition, Physical Education, Technical Drawing, Additional Mathematics, Textiles and Dressmaking, Fine Art, Civics, Geography, History, Kiswahili, Commerce, Bible Knowledge, Elimu ya Dini ya Kiislamu, Book-Keeping, Music, Arabic Language, Chinese Language, Information and Communication, Information and Communication, Information and Communication, Information

Finally, the form two results are out.

As a result, the final Form Two result will be issued by NECTA in January 2022/2023. When the final result is announced, it will be posted on NECTA’s official website at Check out the links below to check the results:

The results of Form two Tanzania have been released for Students or candidates who will be able to continue for Form 3 until they reach the form examination by NECTA again.

To access their results, candidates can click the link below. You will need to find your name on the list to get the PDF for Matokeo ya form two 2022/2023. In order to view the full results list, candidates can scroll down or click on the option to filter them by school, region, or name.

What is the procedure for checking Matokeo ya form two 2022/2023?

Candidates can follow the results for Form two link to access their results.

  1. In the PDF you Will find your name in these grades A= 5, B+ = 4, B=3, C = 2, D = 1, and F = 0: which means;

Form Two Results 2022 Grades: –

The quantification for grade ranges at FTNA results shall be as follows: –

  • (a) 75 – 100 = A – indicating excellent
  • (b) 60 – 74 = B+ – indicating very good
  • (c) 50 – 59 = B – indicating food
  • (d) 40 – 49 = C – indicating average
  • (e) 30 – 39 = D – indicating satisfactory
  • (f) 20 – 29 = E – indicating unsatisfactory
  • (g) 0 – 19 = F – indicating fail

The weight for each grade shall be A= 5, B+ = 4, B=3, C = 2, D = 1, E = 0.5 and F = 0

  • Grades A, B+, B and C shall be regarded as credit while D shall be regarded as the lowest pass.
  • Grades E and F shall not be considered in calculating GPA.

How can I check my Matokeo form two 2022 Tanzania?

Form Two Result 2022/2023 on these websites

Get here the form two results 2022 by checking the following link, Matokeo form two 2022 is in PDF form you can check and download them online by following the link

Matokeo ya form two 2022 Katavi via SMS:

  • Students can check the “FTNA Results 2022-2023” by SMS by using the Necta Tanzania national examination result website. To check the “FTNA” using SMS, if you do not have Internet connectivity, then follow the SMS process below.

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