Esda nursing college 2024 intake requirements and Courses | How to apply

Esda nursing college 2024 intake requirements & Courses, How to apply for Esda Nursing college


The Esda Nursing Education Institution NPC is a Christian based nursing education institution situated in Springs on the East Rand.

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It is governed by a board of directors. It aims to prepare caring students with love for God,
love for people and respect for the dignity of each person regardless of creed, colour and gender.

ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION welcomes any person of good moral character, irrespective of church affiliation, race, gender, age or nationality who are willing to live in harmony with the goals, principles, standards and traditions of the institution.

The decision to admit a student to higher education study is the right, responsibility and prerogative of the Esda Nursing Education Institution In terms of section 37 (1) of the Higher Education Act, 1997.

Admission Requirements:

In order to be admitted to ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION you must:

  • be committed to respect and abide by the rules and standards of the ESDA NURSING EDUCATION INSTITUTION
  • be proficient in English
  • physical and emotional healthy to meet the demands of the program.

What is the pass mark for nursing?

Student nurses must pass all the written and oral/practical examinations for each level before proceeding to the next level. The pass mark is 50 percent: Introductory Study Examination – 4 papers. Failure in 1 or 2 papers—Supplemental – Supplementary examination.

What are the requirements to study at Esda?

A South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) evaluation certificate of their highest school certificate and other qualifications. A study permit to study at NETED from the National Department of Home Affairs, and/or. A foreign workforce management letter of endorsement to study from the Department of Health (DOH), Below are the qualifications and requirements for student to be eligible for Esda Nursing college studies or application: 

 Applicants receive the link to the New Applicant Survey

  • Applicants who meets the minimum entry requirements are invited to participate in pre selection 


  • Applicants who submits all required documentation and proof of payment, are then given a date for 

the pre-selection assessment.

  • The pre selection assessments are conducted at specific dates in order to select candidates for the 

different campuses for the next available intake.

  • Results of the pre selection assessment is published to the applicant, but this is not a confirmation of 

acceptance or admission to the program yet.

  • Each Campus will select the number of successful candidates based on merit, the Economic Active 

Population (EAP) requirements of South Africa, and in line with the permitted numbers per intake by 

the South African Nursing Council (SANC). 

  • Once an adequate number of applicants have been selected, the campus will inform the successful applicants of their acceptance and arrangements for registration and admission to the specific 


Additional Admission Requirements For Foreign/Non-South African Citizens:

  • All non-South African applicants are required to submit the following list of original certified documents:
  •  A South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) evaluation certificate of their highest school 

certificate and other qualifications,

 A study permit to study at NETED from National Department of Home Affairs, and/or

  •  A foreign workforce management letter of endorsement to study from the Department of Health (DOH), The legal document/s in case of documents bearing different names e.g. a marriage certificate or 

affidavits to that effect,

  • SANC license to practice as a nurse for a foreign nurse (where applicable),
  •  A valid passport expiring not earlier than 6 (six) months after the projected completion date of the 


  •  A valid refugee status document, or
  •  A valid asylum seeker document,
  •  Legislative requirements as per the individual programme requirements, and
  • The hospital letter of permission to study must be from the hospital endorsed on the SANC or 
  • DOH documentation where indicated.

Should you require additional information please send an email to

Esda nursing college Courses

Esda nursing college Courses – Esda nursing college offers numerous courses and programs to its students. If you are an aspirant student seeking admission to various courses and programmes at Esda nursing college then you should check out the full list of courses offered by Esda nursing college

List of Courses Offered by Esda nursing college

For students to know the courses offered by Esda Nursing College, they normally have to visit the college website or SANC website, as follows: AND 

Esda nursing college pre-admission

Thank you for choosing Esda for your hospitalization. Completing your pre-admission documentation prior to your actual hospital admission helps facilitate a smooth, hassle-free admission process. We are committed to providing you with the best and safest care and will do our very best to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

To successfully apply and be considered for the training, please take note of the following:

  1. You are required to register a profile on the system before you can apply.
  2. Must be a South African citizen, who resides in the Gauteng Province.
  3. You must be in possession of one of the following school leaving certificates – a Senior Certificate, a National Senior Certificate, currently in Grade 12 or National Vocational Certificate Primary Health
  4. Applications must be done on the GPG Professional Job Centre system before or on the 31st July 2023; NO late applications will be accepted
  5. Certified documents will be uploaded on the system, however you will be required to take supporting documents to the selection centre should you be shortlisted.
  6. No hand delivered or emailed applications will be accepted, all applications must be done online.

The following subject criteria are required:

  • Senior Certificate: English HG D or SG C, Biology HG D or SG C, Mathematics HG D or SG C and an M score of 17
  • National Senior Certificate: English Level 4, Life Sciences Level 4, Mathematics Level 4 or Maths Literacy Level 5, and an APS of 27 or more (Life Orientation counts half the score)
  • National Vocational Certificate: 50% in Fundamental Subjects (English First Additional Language, Maths/Maths Literacy, Life Orientation) and 60% in the Vocational Subjects (SA Health Care System, Public Health, The Human Body and Mind and Community Oriented Primary Care)

How to apply for Esda Nursing college

Pre-admission procedures

Familiarizing yourself with and following our pre-admission procedures, whether you’re a medical scheme member or a local or international private paying patient, helps us make your actual admission as efficient and smooth as possible.

How to apply for Online pre-admissions

Esda’s secure and user-friendly online pre-admission system on the MyEsda Online portal provides us, in advance, with as much as possible of the information we’ll require for your planned admission to the hospital.

You can submit pre-admission documentation online up to midnight of the day before the planned admission to ensure your information is processed before your admission.


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