Describe any six risky situation to which our youth is frequently exposed to

Schools – Bullying, pier pressure, drugs, bad influences, sexual behaviors.

Parties- drugs, drinking, sexual encounters.

Driving or riding with other teens.
Dating – sexual situations, unsafe sex, sexual pressures, pregnancy, sex diseases, emotionally unready etc.
Sporting events- pier pressure, drugs, etc.
Friends houses – sexual behaviors, drugs, drinking, exposure to unbecoming behaviors.
Teens have and will always have big choices to make that can have long lasting effects. Talking, informing, communicating with our children or youth in our community is critical.
Teens don’t think things through as we might. They lack the experiences, and just simply have not developed enough to not take risk seriously.

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💡Possible Notes

  1. How they fight against GBV and what are the successes
  2. Analyze the impact of GBV on the individual or the community
  3. Illustrate the influence of self esteem
  4. Why is it important to know about risk behaviour
  5. Two risky situations in which the young people are frequently exposed to
  6. How to help GBV victims
  7. Give the names of the organizations of GBV
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