Kozi za veta 2021 | VETA Courses 2021/22 | vyuo vya ufundi vya serikali tanzania

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The Vocational Educational and Training Authority (VETA)
Temeke, Chang’ombe Dar Es Salaam
Temeke, Dar es Salaam.
list of veta colleges in tanzania | vyuo bora vya ufundi tanzania | orodha ya vyuo vinavayotambulika serikalini hapa tz | CLICK HERE
About Us
The Vocational Educational and Training Authority (VETA) was established by an Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1994 charged with broad tasks of coordinating, regulating, financing, Promoting and providing vocational education and training in Tanzania. The history of VETA dates back to 1940 when the Apprenticeship Ordinance was enacted to guide training in the industry. The Vocational Training Act of 1974, which established the National Vocational Training Division was replaced by the Vocational Educational and Training Act. of 1994.
Mission: To ensure provision of quality VET that meets labour market needs, through effective regulation, coordination, financing, and promotion, in collaboration with stakeholders”.
Vision: An excellent VET system that is capable of supporting national social economic development in a global conte



Matokeo ya Vyuo vya ufundi VETA

The Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) is an autonomous Government Agency established by an Act of Parliament in 1994 (Cap 82 Revised edition 2006). The overall objective of VETA is to oversee the Vocational Education and Training system in Tanzania by coordinating, regulating, financing and providing of Vocational Education and Training in Tanzania.


Posted On: Friday, 14 August 2020

Kupata Orodha ya mafundi watakaofanyiwa tathmini bonyeza hapa:

List all of courses offered by VETA Tanzania
Here is the List all of courses and their codes that offered by VETA Tanzania
  • AGM- Agro Mechanics
  • FBS -Food and Beverage Services and Sales
  • OMM- Office Machine Mechanics
  • AMR- Armature and Motor Rewinding
  • GCPC- Germ Stone Cutting, Polishing and Curving
  • OMP -Offset Machine Printing
  • ABR- Auto Body Repair
  • HK -House Keeping
  • PS -Painting and Sign writing
  • AE -Auto Electric
  • HW -Handloom Weaving
  • TG -Tour Guide
  • AH -Animal Husbandry
  • HDEM- Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • PPF -Plumbing & Pipe fitting
  • BOA -Business Operation Assistant
  • ICT -Information and Communication Technology
  • PT -Printing
  • BMP -Boiler Mechanics and Pipefitting
  • IM -Instrument Mechanics
  • PDP -Pre-Press and Digital Printing
  • CJ -Carpentry and Joinery
  • IE- Industrial Electronics
  • PMF -Pattern Making & Foundry
  • CD -Civil Draughting
  • LA -Laboratory Assistant
  • PO -Plant Operator
  • DEM -Diesel Engine Mechanics
  • LG -Leather Goods and Shoes Making
  • RC -Road Construction
  • DSCT- Design Sewing and Clothing Technology
  • MTM -Machine Tool Maintenance
  • RAC -Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • EL -Electrical Installation
  • MF -Machinery Fitter
  • SC -Secretarial Courses
  • ELEC -Electronics
  • MB -Masonry and Bricklaying
  • TEL -Telecommunication
  • FP -Food Production
  • MPT- Meat Processing Technology
  • TDM -Tool and Die Making
  • FO- Front Office Operations
  • MVM/TM -Motor Vehicle Mechanics (Truck Mechanics
  • WF- Welding & Fabrication

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  2. Tanzania institute of commerce and industries ( TICI)
    Course; El-Electrical installation

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